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  • Le Professeur Le Professeur Oct 4, 2010 02:05 Flag

    Congratulations! You Played Well!!

    Whatever helps!

    Im sorry, I was under the impression you lost a big game today, but apparently, after reading through the usual armchair fans posts (Pixie didn't post during the match this time!), you played REALLY, really well today, and have nothing to be down about!

    I on the other hand was gutted!

    But no, BLATANTLY you've improved on last season, you're so much better now, the squad looks stronger too! (PMSL!!)

    Fabianksi hasn't made a mistake in TWO WHOLE games, so he's back on the path to greatness - brilliant news!

    The fact your midfield (other than Wilshere) were walked over, attack rendered impotent, and defence torn to shreds, which could have easily been a 4 or 5 nil drubbing, well, its Ok, because there are positives to take from the game!

    As always, you lot are MOST amusing!

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    • I guess that's a no.


    • Robert, is there a reason you only piss-take on other team's forums, and never post on your own?

      Maybe you should carry on doing whatever it is you do, and mind your own fucking business when it comes to others.

    • Agreed and it seems that losing has become more acceptable and nearly a habit probably because we have no natural leaders on the pitch.

      I was skeptical about Sol last season but when I saw his influence on the pitch it reminded me of how important it is to have leaders on the pitch and one element of a leader is to have the authority that comes with having won before, knowing what it takes.

      With Sol gone we don't have that and to be honest you need more then one of those types on the pitch.

    • I think the problem this year is not so much the ability in the squad as the knowledge they have of each other.

      A great goalkeeper would have helped, but you still would have have had the getting to know you stage.

      These problems in the squad that HAVE been addressed all had to happen at once rather than the natural evolution of a squad through Wenger's stubborness, but hey ho here we are.

      There is an improvement over last year in terms of the traits the team shows, more bit. But Chelsea are supreme at the tough side of the game and as well rehearsed as a combat unit. Not too dissimilar to what we have with the Great Back Five all those years ago now.

      We won't win the title, that much is obvious, and that lays waste to the usual pre-season claims from the manager and parts of the squad. But whats new? My expectations have been managed just like all Gooners now....

      P.S. I noticed you excluded Wilshere deliberately, which knowing you over the years, must mean you like this kid Chris.

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      • I've not hidden that Im hopeful about Wilshere, but Im not going overboard just yet, unlike everyone else here, I know better!

        Wind ups aside (very briefly!), my main stipulation with Whinger is that in all his time with you, amongst all this 'wonderful football', he's spent almost the entirety of his efforts on developing young foreigners (who mostly haven't deserved so much effort), and not young Brits....what am I saying, young ENGLISH players!

        Dont tell me no talent has been worthy, in comparison to the cheap foreign tripe you've had the past 12 odd years, theres been plenty of opportunities. You're Arsenal for f*cks sake, what kid in London wouldn't want to join you?!

        I got my hopes up with Muamba, he had the ability, but then you know if Wilshere had been French he'd have been in the first team 2 years ago - FACT!

        Anyway, better late than never. Wilshere, Rodwell, Johnson and Cleverley, could be the future of Englands midfield - I'll consider Theo if he learns to cross, but would prefer him upfront alongside Welbeck or Rooney!

    • Nice one Chris. :) The loss wasn't unexpected. But 2:0 is actually flattering scoreline for Chelsea. Yes, Anelka missed a sitter but we held our own against Chelsea and that is a rare occurence. Two wonder goals separated us and that tells how close the game was.

      I don't suffer from any illusions and I know we are still some way from the top. But it has closed down. We missed RVP badly today. Chamakh might be an industrious player but he isn't in the same class as RVP and he needs a finisher next to him to profit from his hard work.

      We failed to pull the trigger on numerous occasions and honestly speaking that was the worrying thing in this match. Defence was OK. They showed grit and spirit. Yes at times they were all over the place but they outmuscled and out fought Chelsea, who are a class better than us as shown by their two strikes.

      We will finish in the Top 4 there is no doubt about that. But signs are City might finish above MU and probably us, unless we don't get our acts together. Long way to go but it has already become interesting.

    • Le Dumb Professeur must be under the impression that his team won on Saturday

    • 1 good thing: The game is over.

      You have to feel bad for guys like Fab, Mixer and Lex who thought we would win.

    • oh dear maybe you should concentrate on your team and their impotence in front of goal