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  • VictorS VictorS Oct 4, 2010 05:11 Flag

    Congratulations! You Played Well!!

    Le Prof...just take a good hard look at the decline that Liverpool is in, more like a death spiral.....thats a road that Manu is about to travel on....dont forget that next interest payment, if your off by 1 pence then thats it....lol if the avg manu fan only knew how precarious their financial situation is they would all be holding their collective breathes and would be reading the financial pages hoping that Europe' recovery can begin to gain some traction lol oh man what a position to be in, to think a simple adjustment of interest rates, LIBOR or another serious market correction could become the catalyst to make Manu collapse like a house of cards ROFOLO...

    dont worry le prof, IF the stock market was to crash it would most likely happen in October so..er ah nevermind ;)

    Arsenal problem is that it HAS the money but doesnt use it....