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  • John John Oct 20, 2010 16:10 Flag

    Why is he leaving?

    Rooney of course.

    Money? Well he has just lost £1m a year from sponsors unwilling to let the fact that someone promoting their wares sleeps with Prozzies.

    Fergie? He can't go on much more can he?

    Team mates? Rio, VDS, Giggs & Scholes will all be retired off at the end of this season. This leaves Rooney as their only half decent player. I wouldn't want to stick around if the club hasn't got the money to buy in decent replacements.

    C'mon. It's fun to speculate isn't it. After all, didn't they all have fun speculating about Cesc this summer?

    Even with injuries, Cesc has played just 5 games so far this season. But at least he has scored 3, and has 5 assists. Not the record of someone who doesn't want to be at the club.

    A Striker who has played 6, and scored 1 is more like the kind of record you would expect.

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    • Hahahahaha! I was right right you really do look like Rooney - and change your mind just like him :-))))))))))

    • Oh dear.

      You MUST be REALLY wound up Mar judging by the length of that load of old bollocks.

      Your FULL of it Mar.

      FACT is i never wrote as much as a WORD out of place in reply to you until YOU began with the BORING tirade of personal abuse whilst you tried to run around in support of your little crew of 'mates'.

      I ALWAYS stuck to football when conversing with you.


    • "it's stealing if you use someone else's copyrighted image(s) without their permission."

      Do you think you fool anyone at all? How many times have you been caught plagiarising? How many times have you apologised?

      You are a complete waste of time. You should go and find something productive to do.


    • So now you say you don’t think Rooney is the best player in the PL? Hahahaha!!
      “Rooney is arguably the BEST player in the Prem ( i would argue personally)”

      You must be 5 years old if you can be bothered with who is friends with who. I have never hidden I am friends with Chris. Who are you to try to police that? Do you think I care who your friends are?

      In fact there are many posters on this board I like. It’s just posters like you who hardly talk about Arsenal or football but who are more concerned with fighting their own little personal wars that no one really cares for that I try to avoid.

      You should have a look at the % of your posts that speak about football issues and are void of little personal attacks vs the % of your posts that are simply pseudo communication and garbage (like the one I am responding to now. I don’t even recall the last time you even replied to any of my posts football posts in a mature non emotional way

      You also change your stance, if that’s what you want to call it, all the time whether it is first getting personal with me when I say I don’t think we will win against Chelsea and than after we lose all of a sudden you claim you didn’t expect to win either, or whether you call Rooney arguably the best player in the PL (in a threat that was more about speculating his reasons for leaving but you missed that point) in this very threat and moments after I say he isn’t arguably the best player in the PL to me and that I would take Cesc or Rvp (and you can add Wilshire to that) any day over Rooney you do another 180 and come back track on that.

      How do you expect me to take you serious? You are a clown who sadly isn’t even funny.

    • How many other ids do you have Deeps?

    • do you ever talk about football????

    • What moral high ground? You were COUGHT stealing manutdraj's posts in the past and Roberts as well.

      You are BUSTED yet again Deepak, now quick change that id!!! :)

    • "Has happened to a couple of people I know who used their images in websites"?

      The growing problem of internet ''plagiarism'' is huge Rob. Your friends should know better - it's stealing if you use someone else's copyrighted image(s) without their permission.

      Fair & Balanced (Assuming the moral high ground).

    • Um - don't know if this is true. What I do know is that Getty don't have a sense of humour about this and their very expensive lawyers fire off demands for five figure compensation when they find you using images without permission.

      Hasn't happened to me. Has happened to a couple of people I know who used their images in websites.


    • Someone is PLAINLY 'Kidding' themselves Mar.

      Still no answer as to what the relationship really is between you and Christopher i see.

      Come on son,i would have thought even you could have thought up some line of COMPLETE BULL by now that would meet with the approval of 'Catamite Chrissy'.

      I wouldn't dream of going to 'war' with you Mar.

      You Dutch don't do 'war' anyhow.....

      You have to get rescued.

      (Quick....shout for help Mar).

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