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  • AndyPandy AndyPandy Oct 22, 2010 06:57 Flag

    City match ....

    I know on paper a draw would be great. But I feel we probably need to beat them on sunday. Otherwise the gap is gonna get too big in all honesty. They rested quite a few players, so their thursday match won't have taken as much out of them as we would have hoped.

    Sagna, Fab, Bendtner and Walcott should really strengthen our squad. Please God may we be clinical and beat this sugar daddy team.

    Its a big match so no doubt Arshavin will be up for it.

    Possible team:


    Sagna Squillaci Djourou Clichy


    Fab Rosicky

    Arshavin Nasri


    Plenty of other options Walcott, Bendtner, Gibbs, Diaby, Bendtner, Denilson, Vela, Eboue etc...

    I chose Rosicky over Diaby because although he is smaller he works harder and puts in a tackle when needed. He also is a better passer.

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    • We agree on Diaby's strength and you might be right on his importance in this game. It will not be that easy to impose our game.

      Here is to a big win!

    • I think it will be Diaby and Nasri in the team. Walcott's probably not fit enough yet to start, especially a big away game like this one.

      Diaby's been playing really well in my opinion, and his strength on the ball is really important for us in winning a tight midfield battle against big teams. He can keep it under pressure and push his way past with the ball at his feet, very useful when we can't get our passing game going and find the angles. His power can spark things off, he always causes teams problems. And we're going to need his height on set-pieces.

    • Agreed. Some here who seemed sure Man U was going down must feel a little less confident now and perhpas a bit stupid :-)

      I'm happy he is staying because I want us to beat Man U with their best players on the pitch.

    • Well it's been reported he just signed another 5 years contract with United. It was the best thing for him really.

    • I honestly wouldn't want him at AFC. He would probably be a trouble maker like Ade was, disturbing the dressing room. You have a more mature squad with players who could probably handle him but not sure if I see him playing next to Drogba.

    • I think a draw is the best you can hope for but you never know, you might surprise us or should I say everybody. As for Rooney, well, he could pretty much walk into any first 11. Who knows he might go to Chelsea, now that is frightening.

    • I hope you can get a draw. But I think they will comfortably beat you. They'll do what they did to us and what we do to you - sit back and let you run around up to the box and then break out and give it to Tevez.

      2-0 City.

      But I hope I'm wrong. City are starting to look like the best of the chasing pack.


    • If we want to be restored as a serious contender we can not lose this game since losing would continue this squads habit of losing more of its big games then winning them.

      Having said that we have to win, not losing isn't so satisfying or rather a draw would be frustrating.

      The idea of Ade beating us again would really be irritating.

      Also a loss could drop us to 7th and that wouldn't be very good for morale.

      I really hope for a pleasant surprise.

      3-0 to the Arsenal!!!!

    • Id choose the same team that played against Shakhtar just with Diaby replacing Wilshere. Arshavin dosent deserve a big game as his form has been shocking, plus, we will need Diaby against their battering ram midfielders.

    • i`agree but i hope the GK has a good game or else we are in trouble