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  • PhantomKnight PhantomKnight Nov 19, 2010 22:46 Flag

    Spurs Game

    Samir Nasri - Do doubt he has been excellent this season. Having played the game against England midweek where he was the maestro in the midfield, lets hope he recovers by Saturday so that he can give 100%.

    Arshavin. Something is definitly wrong with him. In recent games I've seen that he doesn't track back when Clichy is out of position and this situation leaves us vulnerable. however within a game he gives us a least 2 moments of pure brilliance which can allow us to score. Is this enough against Spurs? I think not. Lets hope he plays a good game.

    Sagna - What a handful he will have against Bale.

    Song - Better he be in a good day to provide the extra cover that Sagna & the Central Defenders needs.

    Fabianki - Have been on the up recently, lets hope he continiues with his solid performances.

    Fabregas - He would have a certain Van Der Vart to outplay.

    Chamack - Lets hope he can capitalise on the 'not so good' Kaboul

    Lets hope RVP is fit enough to be in the squad.

    Can't wait for this game !

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    • they will nick it 2-1, or even 3-1 spurs.... vdv to score.. obrigado!!

    • I did say in the last couple of weeks, not the entire season - Sagna was fantastic at Wolves and Everton and looks to be getting back to his best.

    • I think Arshavin has been much better of late. Ever since he was dropped to the bench against Newcastle he's played with a lot more energy. He came off the bench in that match and was very dangerous, and was electric again in the next game at Wolves.

      Against Everton he was more subdued and the whole team's performance was more of a graft, but he still created Sagna's goal. In both those away games he was tracking back and closing down with a lot more energy than usual, so I've been quite happy with his contribution the last couple of weeks. He has the potential to do even more, but I believe his stamina isn't the best and he struggles with the number of games played compared to what he was used to in Russia. If we could afford to play him just the once a week I think he would play even better.

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      • This could actually be a very interesting game.
        Spurs are definitely capable of turning you over, And will take heart from the results you have had against west Brom and Newcastle.
        Bale and Van der Vaart have been excellnt so they have to be watched, And i dont think fabregas has hit his true form yet even though he is playing quite well.
        Arshavin seems nowhere near the player of 18 months ago.
        If your on song, i expect you to win, But if your not, A shock could be in the making, Especially with Spurs determined to improve their poor record at your ground.

        My prediction, Tough to call, So will sit on the fence and go for a highly entertaining (certainly better than our game with City when they played for a draw) 2-2 draw.

    • People are indeed raving about Nasri, but what excites me is I still don't think he's anywhere his best.

      In pre-season, I saw a real fire and hunger in him (sorry, very cheesy), which must've been down to him missing the World Cup squad. Then he started the season with a couple of great games, then BAM, out for 6 weeks. That really must've been devastating given how hungry he was.

      He took a few games to get his sharpness back, but you can see how up for it he is again now. If he stays injury free, I think we'll see him go up another couple of gears in the next few weeks. Not just controlling play like he always has, but taking people on and being more direct.

      Song will indeed be key - not just for providing cover, but for keeping an eye on Van Der Vaart.

      One you haven't mentioned is Rosicky, who I reckon will start on the right to track back on Bale.

      Post-interlull fitness permitting, I reckon we'll see:


      Maybe Kos will start over Djourou, given that Djourou played midweek and Kos didn't, but I'd like to see Djourou start if possible as he's having a good run and he's got the height to deal with Crouch.

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      • I must admit that this is the first time in a really long while that I am a bit nervous about the Spuds. They have a decent team now with some winners on board and we need to play well to beat them. I am nervous about Clichy screwing up again. We need to win the midfield battle. And I would keep Djourou for now. However if we cannot motivate ourselves to win a game that will put us at the top of the pile; then we never will. So let us go and kick some serious Spuds butt!