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  • meisterstu meisterstu Nov 21, 2010 00:37 Flag

    Wenger - time up

    Unfortunately as long as Wengers policies continues to reap financial dividends despite failing on the pitch the board will be happy to continue and nothing will change, there is no winning mentality at the club, no ruthlessness from the top level and without that pressure to filter down to the management and players we will continue to win nothing.
    Before the season Wenger stated if we go another season without a trophy he will admit his policy is failing - a long overdue admission, however, he has as a result taken the joke cup seriously for the first time - surely realising that we have no hope of winning a proper trophy and thinking that will keep everyone happy.
    We will win nothing this year, and I doubt if we will win anything for quite some time, in fact qualifying for the CL will be a major achievment considering some of the playing 'talent' at the club.

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