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  • Dave SE Dave SE Nov 21, 2010 00:59 Flag

    Wenger - time up

    I think we need to fall from the Top 4 before the board cotton on - and on the evidence of our home form, this is a possibility.
    Chelsea have lost - if we could defend, we would be top!

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    • Ah yes if only we could defend, we need a new GK coach and a new defensive coach and they need to identify new recruits and which of the current dross needs to go - Wenger hasn't got a bloody clue - I don't think its a coincidence that we've won nothing since the last of the old guard retired, Wenger has built his success by adding attacking and creative flair onto Grahams defensive legacy.

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      • I couldn't agree more with everything you guys have said! I can't believe Wenger after the game comes out with statements like, "I don't know what went wrong....and if you look at the stats, we should have won". What is there not to understand? The ball went in our net 3 times and only twice in theirs! Oh and sorry Mr. Wenger, stats don't win games; passion, determination, and leadership does! And talking of leadership, where was it? Once again there was no one. Just cast you mind back to all the great leaders on the pitch we've had, and don't only mean the captain's. Having watched Fabregas today, you can tell he's just going through the motions, he does want to be their! And before people start disagree with my past statement, ask yourself one question: "If you not motivated to the max. playing against Spurs at home when will you be motivated"? But I forgot we're all wrong, because didn't Wenger just say "this is the best squad he's ever had!!!!! What an insult to our intelligence.