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  • Wenger would be good as a director of football, he has proved time and again he has his limitations when it comes to tactics. He has proved time and again he does not know how to teach his teams the art of closing a game out and defending as a team. On top of that we are the midgets of the league and most teams have now figured out how to play against us.

    Wenger has his head soo far up his backside that while we lose to teams like Newcastle, West Brom amongst others at home, and now Braga away; a real manager like Mourinho hammers Ajax 4-0 away from home!!

    Wenger has not improved with time, he has remained static and a good manager adapts with time. As for the players not understanding Coyle's accent well that's their problem, when you come to a country to work you need to understand the different accents. We need to stop pampering players so much, and before anyone says it's not Wenger's fault we lost all these games; well they are his players aren't they? he signed them didn't he?