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  • Dave SE Dave SE Nov 21, 2010 00:02 Flag

    Wenger - time up

    Will people now realise Wenger is taking us backwards?
    He has no concept of what fans want, just his own failing project.
    To capitulate at home after a 2 goal lead is not acceptable.
    Wenger - go now and take the members of your team who clearly do not care with you. Cesc has clearly lost faith in the manager and is bound to put in a transfer request this summer
    BTW - why was Wilshere not on that pitch?
    Any fans who still continue to back Wenger - you are as much to blame as anyone on that pitch or in the dugout today - you are proliferation a regime and manager happy with mediocrity.
    Could this be the day when something finally gets done about this club?

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    • errrrrrrhhhh what ??????? Gullible....

    • Wenger would be good as a director of football, he has proved time and again he has his limitations when it comes to tactics. He has proved time and again he does not know how to teach his teams the art of closing a game out and defending as a team. On top of that we are the midgets of the league and most teams have now figured out how to play against us.

      Wenger has his head soo far up his backside that while we lose to teams like Newcastle, West Brom amongst others at home, and now Braga away; a real manager like Mourinho hammers Ajax 4-0 away from home!!

      Wenger has not improved with time, he has remained static and a good manager adapts with time. As for the players not understanding Coyle's accent well that's their problem, when you come to a country to work you need to understand the different accents. We need to stop pampering players so much, and before anyone says it's not Wenger's fault we lost all these games; well they are his players aren't they? he signed them didn't he?

    • so when George got found with his bung they got rid


      As they have retired Wenger has TAKEN US BACKWARDS as we now dont have a sodding defence !!!!

      The midfield he did add to with Viera&Petit he did not buy DB 10 and we had ian wright ok he got Henry.

      but I am sick to death of him being the boards accountant he is supposed to be the FOOTBALL MANAGER

      ok so we finnish 4th every £%^ing yr and get into the CL have we won it yet NO we got to the final and got beat by Barcelona

      we have not even come that close in the PL for at least 6 yrs and when was the last time we got to the cup final oh nom Wewnger doesn't rate the cup better to finnish 4th

    • Problem is the rest of the league caught up with this ten years ago and it is the norm now.

      Ditto finding young European talent and ditto other Continental managers (and Scottish ones) knowing how to nullify such an obvious attacking threat.

      Add in the fact our team has gotten smaller the more people want to kick us and you have a recipe for 4th place regularly.

      And whats this bollocks about us being in the doldrums for ages before Wenger took over?

      2 titles and a fair few cups, both domestic and European with a cup double 3 years before he arrived.

      Do your homework.

      Had to admit I nearly choked on my fag when Dave said Keegan and Wrighty though.

      Those two could only be considered if we needed more Dinosaur cheerleaders.

    • I go Much futher back

      Started when Bertie Mee was manager we won the then fairs cup

      next season we won the double next season leeds got revenge and won the cup

      then Mee stareted to break the side up totally unforgiveable he tried to get this fellow from Hibs peter marianello to take the place of wee George Armstrong !!!
      he sold Big Frank to QPR and got in baldie terry mancini from QPRand we were mid table rubbish over night

      then i belive don howe got the job for a season ??? but then it was terry neils turn 3 cup[ finals 78,79,80 lost to ipswich beat Manu lost to fecking west ham

      then i am a tad hazy untill george graham came along

    • Wenger has taken us backwards Dave? I take it you supported Arsenal in the years before Wenger arrived - take the very year before he came, we were managed by Rioch (ok he did buy DB), regularly in the lower half of the table, even with that amazing defence, our players regularly spent more time on the lash than training. We sat in a much loved but outdated and crumbling stadium that held 38000. Our training facilities were not great. We did not make the CL every year.
      Then came Wenger - cannot think whats changed?

    • Keegan was found tactically wanting when he blew Newcastle's chance to win the EPL several years ago. As for Ian Wright; I am not sure in what capacity he would serve. That said I would love someone having the tactical nous of Mourinho.

    • for above, mean defence coaching team

    • I think Kevin Keegan with Ian Wright as assistant would make a better coaching team than anyone here now.
      Other teams have specialist coaches for every area, we just have Wenger, Rice, Boro Primovich or whatever he is called - dinosaurs in a 14 year long comfort zone.
      David Dein would not have allowed this mediocrity to set in, thats why he has gone.

    • Agree on a defensive coach like Graham or Keown. Or anybody other than Rice. What the hell is his job? Surely not to pick up the balls after a training session... In the NFL teams have offensive and defensive co-ordinators and a Head coach. This does not guarantee success; but at least we will have someone teaching our players how to at least hoof the ball under pressure.

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