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  • And penalty decision was a joke, but justice was done in the end.

    We will beat Man U comfortably at the Emirates..

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    • I'm not blaming the ref but I think he is horrible.

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      • Referee Coward Webb ooops Howard Webb - most spiteful ref ever v Arsenal - (barr Mike United Riley) no bookings whatsoever for angels of the north - the mancs should be embarrassed but they take anything and make it into some kind of wonder victory - 10 men behind the ball - at home as well heheheh

    • I hope you are right. There didn't appear to be much between the sides last night yet we found away to lose. We now have to beat both Chelsea and Man U at home.

      Do you know why Fabianski didn't start?

    • Syco291 What do u mean with"they did not have plan B" I think they always have plan B........... whinning after each loo or draw..................that is their plan B

    • Heh. The penalty was harsh, but the header wasn't a fluke. Park did well to get the ball going goal bound from that angle. Scezcny didn't stand a chance, even at 6' 5". Other than that, our goalie had a great night, which means Utd edged it in my eyes.
      They defended in numbers, and kept most of our shots to long distance efforts.

    • Come on Slayer, have a bit of grace in defeat.

      You didnt deserve anything from the game, as EVERY pundit has stated. It was a very close game, but for your superior possession you never looked like scoring.
      Yes we set our tactics out to beat you. We've done that every time we have played for about the last 4 years. Isnt it about time Wenger learnt to counter it. That would be a bigger worry for me if I was an Arsenal fan.

      The penalty was a dodgy one, but it was missed so justice was done. It probably buoyed you more than anything so ended up working in your favour.

      Bottom line, you didnt have a plan B when United didnt play the open game you require a team to play in order to compete. Unlucky but it decides nothing, dont worry about it too much!

    • just some of slayer and fabs boasts

      this is more amusing fab

      top of the league" ???????

      Lynda, are you sure? ..............Really?............. Rotflmao!!!!!!!!!

      TOP of the LEAGUE LA LA LA!!!

      Not bad for a bunch of 'NO HOPERS' eh??


      You FAKE Manks really have the footballing insight most Prem managers DREAM of don't you!!!!


      i love cut and paste.

      Make all the LAME EXCUSES you wish Lynden. TOP of the LEAGUE HA HA HA!!!

      AAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHHAHAA! LAME!!! NUMERO UNO!! NUMBER ONE!!!! TIP TOP!!!!! GOOOOOOOOOOOOONERS!!! (Talk about an in-depth knowledge of the situation..it's FRIGHTENING how GREAT i am

      It's going to be a ONE-WAY TRAFFIC --------- TOTAL DOMINANCE by Arsenal on Monday.... watch this space!

      I hope you're man enough to show your face after the most embarrassing bum-raping ever since in EPL after the match on Monday....

      PUNDITS' Verdict:
      Arsenal massive favourites, enough said!

      tralala, tralalala, tralala, tralalala




    • "... but justice was done in the end."

      It certainly was .... we beat your sorry ARSE!!

      Arse-anal were outplayed on every part of the pitch, you didn't have a single shot worth talking about.

      Oh, and the header was aimed for .... and SCORED!