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  • Will R Will R Dec 17, 2010 00:50 Flag

    A Serious Note

    Having become a bit bored of the constant insults and digs that have been on here recently, I'd just like to say this.

    I work in internet security, and cyber bullying is a real issue. I'm not gonna name names, but there are clearly people who come on here to attack the same people, time after time.

    Whilst a lot of the time this is good natured banter, you have to realise that the person you're talking to may not see it the same way.

    For example, I call my friends "cunts" all the time, as they know it's a bit of banter, but on a message board, you could quite easily be talking to someone young of a vulnerable disposition.

    As hard as it may seem for you to believe, people commit suicide over such constant harassment, even online.

    I'm not trying to preach, you can do what you want, but since I work not far from these issues, I just thought I'd let you know.


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    • Out of all the current threads on here, this one probably has the most personal attacks on it.

      Oh well, I tried.

    • HAhahhaa Fab may be gay i don't know and I'm not bothered but one things for sure You Butchy are ALL WOMAN!

      Now go and get your Pinny On Mrs Mop and get Scrubbing!

      HAhahahhahah MAGGOT!

    • "I've had him on ignore since he's spammed my mailbox."

      No-one has spammed your mailbox you lying prick, stop trying to excuse your pathetic behaviour.

    • I'm sorry, but I missed the links you put up. People told me Butch had posted them, but I've had him on ignore since he's spammed my mailbox.

    • "Oooh am i gay?"

      Of course you are, who else but a shirt-lifter would write the girly crap you write, or constantly butt into other people's business?

      Still using the back entrance?

    • Oooh am i gay?


      F*ck all to do with you you sad little wierdo.

      You planning on spending all day deleting posts and down-rating everyone that constantly finds amusement in what a complete and utter nasty little nutcase you are?


      Of course you are!!!

    • It's got everything to do with me shirt-lifter, it was my competition .... so fuck off back to your racist poof mates and mind your own business.

    • You really do live in your own little fantasy world 'Dopey Del'.


    • I'm not sure it is a serious note Will, as I believe most of us here are grown ups and most of us don't take these boards seriously simply because anybody can post anything because of the lack of moderators. I think I only know one and he's a racist dipshit who rates up his friends.

      The worst thing that's happened here is a certain person calling up peoples families and threatening them as well as the cyber-bullying you mention. I will not mention his name (most of us know who he is anyway) but I would suggest people just stay away from the nasty piece of work.

      Oh, and calling people Deepak because they're Indian is racist, just so the others know.

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      • Have you paid the five quid you owe to the cancer charity yet risker, you tight-fisted Belgian cunt?

        What about this prick, he took part in a goal prediction thread on the United board, lost, now refuses to pay the five quid, everyone else paid, except him.

        The money was for a cancer charity.

        And this piece of shit comes on here running others down!

      • Why does that mean it wasn't a serious note? Not sure I follow.

        "I believe most of us here are grown ups and most of us don't take these boards seriously"

        That's the assumption that most people make, and it often isn't true.

        I recently read a very interesting paper on online communications. People tend to fall in two categories - (1) people who are initially too trusting on the internet, then a bad incident occurs and from then on they are very cautious about everything; (2) people who start off as reasonably cautious, but become more and more relaxed the longer that nothing bad occurs.

    • I'm just stating facts. Martletts is a racist arsehole, his agenda is racism, his posts are racist.

      You can't pick and choose what he posts and then claim you aren't encouraging him when you reply to his posts.

      He's a pariah, and needs to be treated like one.

      You, Pixie and Deeprick reply to his posts, no-one else does that except his own fake IDs, Bert etc., and the likes of kipper, Nige and NODDY.

      The other day you were 'joking' about killing cyclists in a thread that was quite clearly posted because the perpetrator was Moroccan.

      If people from this board had nothing to do with him and his myriad IDs he wouldn't come over here, but I can't see Pixie ceasing licking his arse, and Deeprick is desperate for a mate of any kind..

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