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  • Le Professeur Le Professeur Dec 17, 2010 23:51 Flag

    Barca 6-2 Francenal.....

    ....and you could of had no complaints if it finished 10-2 last time you met.

    Regardless of this, Wenger hits new realms of fantasy by professing that Barca didn't want to meet you in the next round!?

    I can think of at LEAST 8 clubs they would have rather avoided than you!

    According to the delusional prune, you've 'improved'......he doesn't go into detail though!!?

    You have signed a mediocre striker who dislikes the physical nature of our league. Genius.

    Walcott seems to get worse every season, Van Persie looks petrified of getting injured (wont be long now), Clichy is again worse than the last season, you've signed two hopeless centre halves, your keeper situation is a running joke, and Arshavin looks like he has his bags packed ready for January (would you care?)

    Promoting Wilshere has been a plus, but marginal improvement as a team, its more for the future.

    Nasri looks superb in the middle, against mediocre opposition, Cesc looks COMPLETELY disinterested, so I'd love to know how Wenger thinks you've improved enough to close a 6-2 margin (that SHOULD have been much more) against a side who really DO look to have improved on last season!!

    You're at home first, just to make things more difficult!


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