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  • Govinda Govinda Dec 23, 2010 00:29 Flag

    Should we buy a central defender?

    We all, probably, suspect Wenger will not spend a penny in this transfer window, or perhaps I should say, I don’t expect Wenger to spend money on the squad this transfer window. But…

    If Vermaelen was fit I could understand him not spending any cash despite the fact that I believe we are still in need of some strengthening.

    The fact is Vermaelen is not fit and TBH the club has no clue what he has or when he will be back. His return date has consistently been pushed off and the exact nature of his injury has been cloaked in mystery. I think it’s fair to say he has a mystery injury. The latest ‘guestimates’ have him back late Jan early Feb.

    Wenger’s reluctance to act during last winter’s transfer window to address our then screaming striker shortage arguably was the beginning of the end of any chance we might have had to stay in the title race longer.

    With this PL season being wackier then ever we might have our best chance yet to win the PL. Only Man U has been a consistent performer IMO.

    For this reason I think Wenger should seriously consider signing a quality CD this transfer window. The PL title can be won or last on a single point and our defence is weak enough to easily benefit from a quality signing. We currently really only have 3 CD non of which would be good enough to make it into the starting 11 of the current top4 IMO, if one of those players gets injured, and we all know we are unlucky with injuries, we are down to 2 CD and that is simply not good enough IMO.

    If we buy a quality player he can start with Vermaelen when he returns from injury and give Kos and Djourou time to prove they are worthy of a starting place. We could of load Sebastian during the summer.

    If we need to make room on the roster we can let Almunia go.

    Given that we have the money it would be a shame, now that we have a lot of players back, if we would run into a central defender shortage because Vermaelen with his mystery injury takes longer to get back than expected and Kos gets a serious injury.

    If last year is anything to go by Wenger won’t act and we, consequently, won’t challenge till the end.


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    • dont worry Leo he is apparently going to the other side of N London LMAO

    • Samba? As in the Samba of Blackburn, they who were lucky to escape from Old Trafford with only 7 goals being put past them?

      An Arsenal defender needs to be able to do more than:

      A. Be fucking huge, and
      B. plough his spam through a long ball that comes his way.

      Abilities such as sprinting and turning are rather important. Sticking an oil tanker like Samba in the Arsenal team with our high pressing and high line would be suicide. Unless he was up against say, Jan Koller, or a St. Bernard. Preferably an old St. Bernard.

    • Hangeland, Samba or Mertesacker would be ideal i think as we need another top defender.

      As for a DM... the obvious candidate is Melo.

    • Mar, yes we need to sign a cb and l strongly feel we need a dm too. But l am almost certain wenger does not give a damn. Wenger knows we need these to win the title. HE KNOWS. But his priorities are not set by the desires of fans. His plans first. And wining epl or ucl is not something he is really after. His only aim at the moment is to live his dream of having his"wonderkids" replace the "invicibles'' EVEN IF that means another 2or3 yrs. And l must say am alittle excited at the prospect of usmanov. I never wished arsenal to be owned by a sugardaddy but l would pick that for wenger's arrogance. Look, am feed up with aw. Am not willing to see arsenal out of the title race.

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      • would absolutely love to see hangeland come in in the january transfer, but in line with the shared sentiments on here, I certainly dont expect it.
        As for DM, I think we've got talented enough players in the squad already, and the problem there perhaps lies more with tactics. Song is a talented enough player to do a job for us, but the way the team are playing seems to leave the back four exposed too much...I don't see that changing even if we brought in a "world class" dm (such as who anyway?)

    • Why should we buy a CD in January? We have 3 of them now with one more coming back at the end of the month. Absolutely no chance of Wenger splashing big money on a fifth CD (unless he is value for money). It's simply not Wengerish

    • yes 2 in MHO

      This mystry vermallen injury is now another month ??

      begining toi sound same as Rosicky ages ago if memory serves me well he got injured on international duty supposed to be minor and a year and a half later he was half back !!!

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      • Rosicky's 'weak bones' problem was well known long before you signed him.

        I find it hard to believe Wenger wasn't aware of it.

        The way you pick up injuries and seem to make them worse is bizarre, you must have the worst medical team in the league.

        Wenger rushing players back and overplaying these weaklings really doesn't help!

    • Great point martinii however i think if we are to buy a CB then it should be from the league because the last thing you want is another player trying to settle in which takes time however most of this premier league CB are over priced and overrated. i think we also need to tell Song and the rest to pressure opponents a lot when they lose the ball. our midfield has been guilty of not putting enough pressure on team when we lose the ball we need to track back more in fact with Wenger new 4-2-3-1 i think i would like two seen only one from midfield attack the rest can stay back and close down team when we lose the ball however a new CB would be great as long as he doesn't need time to settle into the team.

    • I think Wenger has no intention to buy a CD. He was playing this silly game by stating that Verma would be back in January.Remember last year when a striker got injured he was quick to say that he would be out 'a very very short time' We all know what happened. I personally do not think he will play this season. Therefore the answer to your question is yes. I would add a defensive MF to this list.
      On another note Mar; what do you think of Usmanov's move to buy more shares? I think he is getting fed up with our perceived lack of ambition. May be he wants more of a say in the day to day running of the club. At the end of the day we may be need more ambition at every level of the organization. Nobody is asking for 100million to be spent; more like 25-30 to get 2-3 very good players that will make us competitive. MAy be Arsene needs someone to tell him that 4th place finish is not good enough.

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      • I think I agree with you on Usman. I guess we both realize we could be in for an unpleasant surprise with him but the current situation in which Wenger isn't pushed to deliver is not healthy IMO and could continue for years and I am tired of losing all these opportunities.

        Let's face it we are not close to the top because Wenger build such a great team. We lost 5 games, don't realy score more in the PL and our defense hasn't improved. I think it is fair to say we are lucky Chelsea are going through an unusual spell, Man U have been know to start slow and not look back, City have a manger who is solid but no Moureen ans Spurs are looking solid but will hopefully find out what it is like to play a lot of games.

        I read in some article that some speculate Wenger doesn't buy a lot of top players becasue it would mean he would have to deliver. Now people can say he did well for as little as he spend.

      • We definitely need a new CD, as for Usmanov the guy seems really Dodgy but if it takes a dodgy guy to give Wenger a nice kick up the *** then so be it.