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    The Hate List: Who Is the Most Hated Man In Football

    Mario Balotelli Jose Mourinho

    Sepp Blatter John Terry

    Robbie Savage Mauricio Espinosa

    Luis Suarez Wayne Rooney

    Cristiano Ronaldo Mike Ashley

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    • 10. Mario Balotelli (so far up himself, even Bendtner must be impressed)
      9. John Terry (pikey in disguise)
      8. Wayne Rooney (petulant cabbage patch kid who over-rates himself)
      7. Alan Hansen (for having a voice and not knowing anything)
      6. The Glazers (anything for personal profit)
      5. Phil Brown (for trying to mix rugby with football)
      4. Stephen Hunt (the new Robbie Savage)
      3. Ashley Cole (For being the original selling out)
      2. Platini ( for having the worst ideas in football)
      1. Sepp Blatter (for being anti-EPL)

    • Don't forget Rafael Benitez. Besides a few deluded Liverpool fans, most seem to dislike him. Especially those who actually know him and work with him such as his players and his employers. I have a few friends who're Valencia fans and although they were chuffed at him winning La Liga for them, the dislike for him among Valencia fans is pretty universal now since he left the club in tatters, and they're feeling the effects to this day.

      Sepp Blatter would have to be up there, pretty close to the top.

    • I would say Sepp and Platini. Those two are the worst thing to happen to world football in a long time. Also, Joey Barton is still a cunt!

    • How could you forget little ol' Cashley?

      Also, the Glazers.

    • I agree with 90% of that list just not Jose Mourinho though. What is there to hate anything about him?? I didn't like him at first but he won me over with his winning ways in football tactics.
      The CL match Inter vs Barca is an example.