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  • Anyone give me a score line

    i am going for a draw

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    • Even Cesc acknowledged that this team has a problem between the ears. I don’t see that changing overnight. Wenger also added some more pressure by saying that this game will be our title decider and the more the pressure on this squad the more likely they crumble.

      No doubt this seems the be a good time to play Chelsea but with their experience I think the chances are greater that they will use this game to get their title challenge back on track than that we will finally get the ‘big game’ monkey of our back.

      Finally I doubt Wenger has solved the way Chelsea and Man U play us and will probably stick to the same formula which means I can’t see us trouble the Chelsea defence too much and like one of our back players will make a sloppy error resulting in an easy goal for Chelsea.

      So I predict an 0-2 defeat.

      I would return all my Christmas presents for a big win tonight!

      Anything can happen in football in a single game

      Go Gunners!!!!!!!!!!!!!