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  • The Londoners The Londoners Jan 1, 2011 16:50 Flag

    You Cant 'IGNORE!'

    Isnt it about time some on this board woke up to themselves. I'm tired of reading the same old horseshit that flies around on this board prompted only by the need for some to sustain their own weird way of connecting with the someone, a total stranger they dont know in the outside world. Arsenal and Highbury was never open to weirdos, and we didnt need an 'ignore' button, a fist and a doc martins in the groin usually did the trick. But then who dared open their mouth on The North Bank like some do here? There was no hiding place, no safe little room somewhere in the world for these self opinionated little pricks.
    No one can truly ignore (button or no button) because these pricks are always going to be in your head, and until you fix that problem they know you will not be able to resist. Its human nature and these pricks on here know it. So the answer is demand their email address if they think they are the business and start removing them physically. No ignore button in the world is going to stop a coward in disguise.
    Now then. To all the truly devoted Gunners in the world. You have a bloody good 2011 and dont give the litte pricks a thought. Arsenal will, because we have faith and they only have 'hope' SAF and Rubles will stay. Anchors Away.

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