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  • sat-on-our-perch sat-on-our-perch Jan 4, 2011 02:52 Flag

    interesting stats

    united, 1 point better off after 19 games compared to last season
    arsenal, 5 points worse off

    so whilst your superiors have improved, you have actually gone downwards

    so the MIGHTY, MAGNIFICENT football team you all obsess over and want to emulate are once again setting the standards for others to follow.
    having won EVERY tournament they have ever entered, the only side in CLUB football to boast that, it could well see your team that has been "ready" to win the title for 5 years now, could find an even bigger shadow over them than the massive 1 already there for many more years to come.
    good luck wednesday against the 2nd best team in the league, you may need to beat them to keep up with the BEST in the league if, as expected, we beat stoke.
    your season could be over.........just like christmas lmao

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