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  • Layla Layla Jan 10, 2011 00:20 Flag

    cheat walcott

    mikey u only have to use your brain & try and find links of the spurs game (like u pretended u did) or

    try find links for another fa cup game that isnt being televised here or abroad to know there are no links or its very hard to find any.

    u can easily get links to premierships game but fa cup games that arent televised are tricky.

    u not being able to find any for spurs charlton proves that.

    why ar eu still going about anti virus etc.

    if there is no link that worked then it is irrelvant.

    im not bad on computers & even if iam & if iam as dumb as u keep saying, it is still irrelevant because there were no links to the game on any of the main streaming sites.

    even u, as clever as u are couldnt find any.

    again, u dont answer any of the questions or respond about u lieing about the 8 imaginary links!

    i go to about 5 spurs home games a yr. & also see about 2 or 3 away games.

    & watch any i can online or on tv if its on tv.

    where have i put that im a hardcore spurs fan who never misses a game?

    i havent!

    im not a good fan i admit that.

    i dont have a season ticket or never miss a game etc.

    i dont claim i do.

    u are the 1 who is showing yourself up as lier, someone who clearly thinks there being cool & funny by using unoriginal cliched insults.

    this is my last message to u BECAUSE iv already answered all your questions & shown u up enough.

    8 links but u couldnt post 1!

    why bother lieing about something like that.

    u are pathetic.

    il leave u to reply by not answering with the links, by doing some rubbish insult like get back in to the kitchen, & by going about something irrelevant like a tool bar despite the link not even working & u yourself not being able to find any links.

    bye u sad pathetic lier.