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  • Govinda Govinda Jan 10, 2011 19:28 Flag

    Our real problem??

    Much has been said and debated over the past few seasons and this season about our continued weakness in defence and our error prone keepers.

    It seem sthe keeper position for now has stabilized and our defence over the last few games has improved some what, IMO as a result of a team effort.

    Results though have not dramatically improved with only 1 win in our last 4 games.

    The common element seems to be our lack of finishing. I think it is fair to say that we don’t have a prolific striker. Neither Bendtner nor Chamack nor RvP fit that mould. Perhaps RvP when fit and with a number of games under his belt, is the most likely of the three to be a 20+ paced scorer per season and this is not to say that when provided with many opportunities that the others won’t score or look ok in the stats department. It is just to say they don’t appear to be natural born killers. I think Theo might be the most natural striker we have but as usual, and perhaps rightly so, Wenger plays him on the outside at the moment. Not his best position IMO.

    In the absence of such s prolific striker, whether it be a fox in the box or not, clearly the goal scoring responsibility has to be shared be the rest of the team, in particular by the other forwards and I think at times Nasri has been brilliant in this regard. But as a team we have failed.

    The good news is in all 3 of our most recent draws our wonderful attacking style has yielded a boat load of chances, this is not the problem, the bad news is we keep missing way too many chances. We know when we score first we are pretty good and against both City and Leeds, Theo and Arshavin had golden chances early, but we didn’t take them and they were not the only chances, but the missing of them is beginning to be expensive.

    I have been wondering how that can be fixed.


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    • "Perhaps RvP when fit and with a number of games under his belt, is the most likely of the three to be a 20+ paced scorer per season" - well he's into his 7th season with Arsenal and showing absolutely zero potential to do that in the EPL. His highest is 11 in a season.

    • @v79cenzo ..,....again l see you just want to mix-up things. You say that you think our defensive weaknesses has costs us points and not poor finishing. That statement is in itself not correct because 1) our defense has cost us points by giving away easy goals. 2)our offense has cost us points by not finishing easy chances. NOBODY can argue that we have not been poor with our finishing (önly you) and a good example is betner. I have said before that if he can improve ön placing his touch on target he would be the best, but can he? AGAIN everyone here, at least most say our main problem is DEFENCE. Actualy l already said buy a Dm or cb or both. BUT that does not make our poor finishing anything less than REAL. afoxinthebox is a good idea but really not a priority considering aw is also mean. I also dont see exactly what you mean by working for each other to compesate for our weakness and is it even possible. For example squilc is by all standards never a good enuf cb, so you mean we should play as if we are a man down!!! A weak player is weak final. And l down hate the player l hate the game. By workin in harmöny we should defend wel but first no weak player. If a good player like cesc is out of form or injured like tv we understand. As for walcot l always wish he got/gets a chance at central attack. And am pretty sure he could agree with me. Squeezing him ön the wing at the arsenal is also a good bargain though.

    • The original thread says that perhaps lack of finishing and not defensive weakness is the reason why we are not performing as expected. My argument was I thought clear, I feel that it is still the later (defensive errors) that cost us points and not poor finishing. It's impossible to prove one way or the other as of course you win games either by scoring more or conceding less so both are important, but the fact that we have always scored a lot of goals, and the fact that we have lost points from winning positions makes me think that it is the defensive side of the game that needs working on, not finding the ever elusive "fox in the box".

      "If a player is not good enough don't play him at all" - It's easy enough to say but you don't seem to realise what we have is the best we have available. I'm not arguing against new signings and I'm not arguing that the players we have are good enough. But the fact is we have weak links, all teams do even professional ones. Teamwork is not just about every player playing their role in harmony as you put it but about working for each other. The very fact that teams like Leeds can come to the Emirates and get a point shows you exactly the value of teamwork that you don't seem to grasp. You can't always have the best players in every position but to a certain extent you can compensate your weaknesses.

      Walcott.. your argument was "Arsenal interest here outdid his "individual interest'' that to me is unfair somehow."
      1.he is not really guranteed a regular starting slot.
      A: He is only 21 and playing at one of the best teams in the country, of course he is not guaranteed a starting spot, nobody is.
      2) he is not played in his natural central position. He should not be making a transition he should always have been central...even if it meant not at arsenal.
      A: What he has learnt at Arsenal playing on the wing is far in excess of what he could have learned at any team where he is good enough to be playing as the central striker.
      That's my argument for Walcott as clearly as I can put it.

    • @v79cenzo....,..l dont think you care to be clear with your points.......1) we create so many clear chances which is a big plus BUT somehow we failed to take allot of them. the biggest culprit being bedtner. How he "bedtnered" missed chances 1 yard from goal l doudt he also knows. Mostly our touch just required to be on target to be a goal. That does not mean we dönt score goal as you tend to take it. ...,..,...2) Very good for accepting that we have weak links in our team. But your arguement that if we have a weak GK and CD the other players should cover for them is ridiculous. Indeed that is novice arguement as it is not even possible. 'Teamwork' means everyplayer playing their role wel and in harmony. You cannot win the title with a poor cd regardles of other plays being supportive. when a given player is weak it wil cost the team at some point. ''If a play is not good enough dont play him at all'' to paraphrase one swerve. ...,..,3) on walcot, yours is another disjointed arguement. Yes of course he has tried allot at the right wing BUT my point is his natural position is playing as a central striker and theo himself says it. I was just wishing that he had a chance to play central always because l have seen with my eyes he can be good centrally. Of course at arsenal you get the best education but it may occur that your position in the playing team is limited and you need to adjust.

    • That's simply not true, we have scored plenty of goals, it's only recently that we have failed to put chances away, that's just the way it goes sometimes, but overall this team scores plenty of goals.

      We do have weak links in the team I agree but lets not forget that football is a team sport, we have enough capability in the squad to cover for our weaknesses. If the CD or GK is weak then the team as a whole has to try especially hard to not put them under unnecessary pressure or leave them exposed which is of course exactly what happens all too often. Of course in an ideal world all the players would be the best in their position and we would beat everyone without trying but thats not reality. I'm not saying that we couldn't do with changes, but I am saying that even as they are Arsenal are under-performing and should be at least 9 points better of than they are right now, and those lost points were due more to leaking goals than failing to score them.

      As for Walcott I stand by what I said, he is only this season starting to show that he is capable of claiming that right wing position as his own, he simply isn't good enough to hold the line yet, maybe he will be soon who knows but not now.. furthermore he is probably not good enough to hold the line in any premiership team. Certainly not good enough for a top four team, and in all honesty he is not the physical kind of player that would do well in some of the lower teams, in short he is getting as good a football education as he could expect anywhere else (or better)

    • agreed. It seems to me if we took even 10% more of our chances we would be less the 7 points behind Man U (given that a conservative risk manager would assume they win their game in hand even if that is not a foregone conclusion)

    • quite right
      Bentdner looked ok at brum when he was on loan and i was hopeful but to my mind NOTHING has materialised
      And i do not base my opinion on one match but all the matches he has played and the ratio of chances he has had to goals he has scored which is very low at least 5-6 chances per goal
      for a top striker it has to in my mind avereage 1 goal per 3-4 chances

    • Leo perhaps a bit of an exaggeration and hopefully he is a late bloomer. But the guy has been with the first team making regular appearances since 2007 hardly a newbie. In the previous 2 seasons he has had over 80 appearances (if I’m right) scoring 27 times. Prolific, no not in my book, serviceable perhaps, a striker to build your team around or an automatic first team player, no not in my book.

      I don’t base my opinion of Bendtner on the game against Leeds and in my threat I didn’t single him out as you might have noticed but there is no doubt in my mind (today) at the odds are low that he will turn into a regular 20+ goal scorer. For me the issue remains that I think we as a team miss too many chances and this is an ailment that spares no one in our team at the moment and needs to be fixed in order for us to start to put a few wins together.

    • ..@v79cenzo.....1)we create so so many chances but we cant just score. .......,2)our problem is largely with individuals. Clichy.kos.squlc.diaby.denlson.betner.and of course aw. ..........3) l did say walcot can complain. But as he himself says he is best as a central striker and when he is out there playing l can see he has a point. My wish is that he always got/gets to play central.

    • A couple of years ago, we used to lack a decent spine- no real clinical striker, no midfield enforcer and no commanding central defender, now we have Song as s/o resembling a decent one in the middle, though Djourou seems to be developing into a fair CD.

      Our right back Sagna is a damn good player going forward or back, Clichy is pacy but can get past easily by attackers, his attacking play is just about ok, but he does give us a quick way forward for releasing pressure or count-attacking.

      Charmak is decent in the air and able to hold on to the ball, but he can't shoot with his feet; van Percie is a good striker of a ball, can shield the ball well and link attacking play, but quite often he seems to slip a lot when trying to strike a ball; Bentner's achille's heel seems to be his ball control, often losing the ball in an attacking position leading to the opposition counter-attacking us, he also needs to work on his heading as he gets quite a lot of chances; Walcott's attacking play and decision-making have improved this year but sometimes he should look up to make sure our team-mates are in and around the area before crossing the ball; Vela is quite a good finisher, and, like some, would want him to be given a fair few games, not just with the likes of Denilson and Bentner, but with good passers like Fab and Nasri.

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