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  • Draytongooner Draytongooner Jan 10, 2011 21:15 Flag

    Our real problem??

    It's a very good observation. Time after time we totally dominate for twenty minutes aka City, but don't score and that feeling starts to creep in, not another one. I think it was CSKA Moscow about four years ago, it could easily have been 10-0 and I think it ended goaless or 1-0. Our attacking qualities can't be questioned and Nasri, Cesc, Theo, Cham, RVP will always get goals, I thought for a while Arshavin could be the one, especially after the Liverpool goals, but he's not done it. TH was our last season on season scorer, but where do you get that guaranteed quality today, and at what price? Look at Torres, would he deliver at Arsenal? Would he come and how much would he cost?

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    • I agree that lethal strikers are increasingly a rare phenomena. I don’t think buying a top class finisher is either realistic given Wenger’s spending habit/fear or necessarily the solution.

      I would like to think that perhaps some of the solution lies in changing decision making. At times it seems we make one too many passes, even when we are already near goal or in the six yard box. Wilshire wasn’t far away from goal against City early in the game but he tried to pass to RvP, could he have taken a shot himself? Who knows, in this instance RvP had no chance to get to the ball. Later in the game RvP took a shot from an impossible angel and miss fired should he have looked for a cross?.

      Perhaps more training with the likes of Henry or Bergkamp with emphasis on decision making could help. I have no idea I just know with all the chances we create we should be winning more often. The players we are talking about are no slouches they should be able to learn to take more of their chances, no?

      Also is it me or did Cesc and Nasri fall a bit too much in love with playing together. As great as a pair as these two players are together on the pitch, at times it seemed to look a bit too obvious that they were looking to pass the ball to each other missing better placed players.

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      • yes some very good obsevations
        Bentdner is only a decent striker in his own mind i fear .
        Chamack seems to have become slow in thought and deed in the last little while (i hope this is ajustment and tiredness)
        RVP is as you point out the best ofg the bunch but not a natural finisher
        Theo still i think needs to bulk up a tad so that he cant be knocked off the ball so easily

        but i rtead henry is training with him and perhaps giving him some 1-1 coaching which cant fail to help IMHO