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  • Le Professeur Le Professeur Jan 13, 2011 22:58 Flag

    'TERRIFIED' of Francenal???

    Good one Jack! PMSL!!!

    Great talent, but massive wally that boy's turning out to be! No doubt many cringe worthy years in an England shirt await him!

    You beat Chelski, your chosen cup final of the season, now back to REALITY!!

    Seem familiar??!!

    Back to 2 wins out of your last 7 games, back to 'Walcott can't cross', your team can't defend, no end product and a powder puff attack, no heart, no leaders, no Plan B, Arshavin and Denilson contribute LITERALLY nothing, and your squad generally being SH*T!

    Diaby's back though - PMSL!!!

    This is Wengers final team he's building ('THANK GOD' they scream!), his 'Pièce de résistance' that he's wasted over HALF A DECADE of his time and your benefit money on!

    F*CKING HELL right!!!?

    The excuses are wearing thin, can't call them kids anymore, even Wengers PATHETIC mantra 'I believe' is looking more and more half hearted and unconvincing from that increasingly wrinkled PRUNE of a face!

    We beat a full strength Citeh over 2 legs to win this trophy, whilst coming within a point of winning the league and a moment of madness denying us ANOTHER CL final - now THATS a squad!

    You dont deserve JACK SH*T with this p*ss poor, diluted version of the invincibles you offend our eyes with every week with your predictable, BORING football - your best players desperately needed against CHAMPIONSHIP sides, and STILL not good enough - COMPLETE DISGRACE!!

    Wenger isn't the only one working on his final masterpeice though, the GREATEST manager of ALL TIME, Fergie (thats SIR to you) has been busy too the past half a DECADE, winning countless trophies whilst bringing through the next batch of future CHAMPIONS.

    As your LEADER and the world famous VISIONARY you've all come to love and idolise, believe me when I say a SH*T STORM is coming, the likes of Hernandez and Rafael are just the tip of the iceberg. MORE exciting times lay ahead for United fans!

    Whereas your recent reserve outing against Villa showed us what your next bunch of over-hyped namby pamby kids are all about!!!

    I bet there was an excuse though, right?!


    Le Professeur - Nothing but FACTS!

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    • "Looks like this boys 'hard on', is just a 'winkle' after all. You're a comic did you know that? probably the 'Beano' sounds about your mark" You're up 'early' on a Sunday gillian.

    • Looks like this boys 'hard on', is just a 'winkle' after all. You're a comic did you know that? probably the 'Beano' sounds about your mark.

    • What if anything brought this on prune?
      I'm not sure a decent man like SAF would appreciate having you on his side or on his teams side come to that. But you just carry on in your own way, and on your own prune, because sure as tomorrow nobody is bothering with you are you posts that are beginning to sound like cracked records.
      We will last laugh and the longest, of that, there's no doubt in any Gooners mind. But if I may say so on a wonderful spring evening in the Colorado mountains, you prune, have more to worry about today than any. And a draw just want do. Remember you could lose it all. Cl and PL.And it this moment in time I think I would rather be where I am today, instead of sweating it out watching to see if Man. Utd can do it. Personally I do hope so, but you wouldnt understand that prune. Not with your hate for AW & Arsenal blinding you.
      'Anyone for another T Bone on the Barbie?'

    • Why do you seem so fustrated?

    • nicely put ak47!! that's a spray on crissy with your ak 47!!
      but try to ignore crissy, she lives in her parents basement and never really have that much of a human contact. all of his friends here are his own fake ids. pathetic, i know.
      just take him as a clown in a circus nobody likes but still laugh at him for what he is.

    • To le pruneau,
      inspite of winning jack shit for the last 6 seasons and growing tired of arsene's self inflicted groundhog day.part of being a fottball fan is taking the rough with the smooth.I'd still rather support arsenal than Man utd.You have no understanding of being a true football fan.Which is all the bitter sweet pain supporting a REAL football team.Sure us gooners are having shit time of it.But is there really any need to gloat on and on constantly.Would you honestly frequent this board if Man Utd were in the doldrums.Or for that matter the Man Utd board.
      So as much as a trophy or two would be nice you can keep your glory supporting arrogance that every man utd fan has.I'd rather be a gooner and support our massively flawed 90 minutes of heartache every week.
      Now That is true love!

    • Wilshere is one of a number of Arsenal players who need to learn to do their talking on the pitch. Until they start to show that they can cope with the pressure all their pathetic attempts at mind games is going to wash over players like Giggs, Vidic and Ferdinand because they have been there, done it and have the medals to show for it.

    • Pixie Ponce...OWNED from January to April!!!


    • why are you replying to me if I am on ignore


      You read ALL my posts kn*bhead

      and you cant resist me

      not too clever are you PRIXIE?

    • Oh dear the poster with an obsession for a bloke named Davids 'erection' is following me around still i see.

      I wonder how long it took you to write yet another post i will never read.

      Highly entertaining!

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