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    Ferguson to rest star­ performer Howard Webb

    Sir Alex Ferguson is planning to rest his star­ performer Howard Webb to prevent 'a needless­ injury' after his tireless work in yesterday's­ FA Cup victory over Liverpool. Webb awarded his own­ side a penalty, but he stood aside to allow a team mate­ to take it.

    Mr Webb who secured his team's passage­ into the 4th round of the FA cup is said to be­ 'exhausted' following his Herculean efforts in­ providing his side with the winning goal by awarding­ them a 'completely deserved' penalty after­ Liverpool's Daniel Agger 'viciously kicked­ Berbatov in the head with a knife'.

    Man­ United's 12th man Howard Webb, whose dressing room­ locker is right next to Rio Ferdinand's, said:­ "Yeah, it's a massive win for the me and the­ lads. The gaffer told us all in his pre-match talk to­ get in their faces, and work hard for each other. He­ reminded me to wait at least an hour before giving us a­ penalty or it could look suss, but I was just too­ excited and went for it a few seconds after I blew the­ starting whistle, however, I did wait a little longer­ than usual to send Stevie G off, to make up for­ it.

    "I was thinking about taking the penalty­ myself, but then thought I should let one of the other­ lads take the glory for a change. It's a team sport­ after all, and I get embarrassed when people tell me I­ single-handedly win all the games I get picked to play­ in."

    However, his boss, Alex Ferguson is­ concerned that if he continues playing his star man in­ every game he'll pick up a serious injury or may­ get exhausted towards the business end of the­ season.

    "Howard's a great servant to the­ club," said Sir Alex. "And he's a real­ role model for the younger lads. He's always first­ on the training pitch in the morning and the last to­ leave. He practices pointing at the spot, and sending­ opponents off for hours on end. But I fear if he­ carries on at the same intensity he'll pick up an i

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