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  • moses moses Jan 26, 2011 05:52 Flag

    Blckpool 2-3 united


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    • Ok mandy.....now tel me how many more ids you have. You must be ''wrightinthemix'' as you wonder why others have a go at anne and not me! You are obsessed with insulting me, even if you are asleep as l write this am sure am somewhere in your nightmare. I hardly trust your intelligence, and you know it. One time you post some sensible stuff then in the next you post pure rubbish. I have gotten used to you wrighty.

    • Very amusing, guess the first Leeds game was like the sky falling in moment with Ipswich!
      Funny how Mancs have such short memories when it comes to Leeds - that league one team they faced not so long ago!
      As for Arsenal - onwards and upwards - as I say a CC win will just be the start. Great to see the smile on Cesc's face these days - the very same player the Mancs said is playing for us under protest

    • Let's be honest Mandy. ManUre fans are all a bunch of thickos. One of my favourite ones recently was Cheltenham Cwissy calling the draw with Leeds and defeat in first leg to Ipswich as an unmitigated disaster. Those results were so damaging weren't they?! LOL!!

    • Obsession - see you are back at your spiritual home- the Arsenal board again. 24/7Neglecting your wife again?
      Funny how you have a go at Anne - but not that fanatical Arsenal fan Moses, for congratulating Utd on their comeback on the night Arsenal got through the semi but saying little else.
      The fact is, unlike Mancs on here last year when the ref awarded you the Carling Cup, we don't go overboard on this trophy, if sorry when we win it it will be the start of bigger and better things, not something to get as excited as the Mancs on this board did about the CC. We will take it in our stride - unlike you did when you won the Charedy Shield....still dining out on that one?

    • you have to laugh ian, deeprick is now a season ticket holder...rotf.
      and the day they reach their 1st wembley final in years they write about our result and non given penalties.

      and i thought kelvin clien made obsession.......................

    • Well anne/Deeprick, maybe you should learn to read a post before saying anything.

      not on the United Board - if you can't read this is Arsenal's board - now go and get ready for school and learn something and clear off with your drivel and rubbish comments....end of...

    • 'if you want to come on this Arsenal Board stop spouting rubbish - You really are topoftheflops ' Maybe you should stop going on the United board spouting rubbish too 'anne' .C'mon Birmingham .

    • Topofthetree
      WRONG WRONG WRONG in every aspect of your messsage - why would I watch the game on matchcast - probably you glory hunters have to do that - AFC season ticket holders donrt have to - we pay extra for the C.Cup games - if you want to come on this Arsenal Board stop spouting rubbish - You really are topoftheflops

    • come on anne, who you trying to kid.
      from where you was sitting at the emirates......you mean on matchcast, you have never been to a game and if you had you would know that if your losing on 90 mins, you would have to score twice to win a game

      Fergie time would have been played if they had been losing at 90 mins and the whistle blows as soon as they score the winner!! Sorry mate that't the view of all arouind me....

      get real you armchair pundit.

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