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  • His diatribe surely one of the most embarassing bit of sour grapes ever broadcast. When asked about the two goals conceded he answered with his Cesc comment, nothing about the fact that his clowns tried to kick us off the pitch but ultimately couldn't stand the pace. No matter what Fabregas said if there was any action that needed to be taken it was between the officials to make the decision. Why Moyes sees fit to share it with the world is obvious but totally unprofessional, the man's a clown.

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    • well i dispute the young and the great what the hell has he ever won preston north end were an almost team they were never promoted and everton 1 cup final and 1 4th place finnish but never got through the qualifing
      he is a twisted BITTER ask any liverpool fan

    • Why shouldn't both be compared particularly in the light of these allegations Moyes has made and the fact the xenophobic media in this country have al thrown their hats firmly in the Moyes ring and are castigating Cesc and now Wenger, lets face it, because their foreign and deserve it - that's the view they like to give anyhow.
      Wenger is no angel and has his faults. But for people to go overboard on Moyes and say what a great young manager he is blah blah blah and the point I'm making is he isn't that great and
      had done sod all at Everton. Wenger does have a history of winning trophies at Arsenal and his legacy is secure.
      As a ManUre fan I understand why Wenger is unpopular. I also see why Moyes is rated and a large number of your fans want him to be manager when Fergie retires. Let's be honest though, the job is far too big for Moyes and he will last as long as Hodgson did at Liverpool.

    • No fake ID for me, Deepak, unlike you.

      Nobody on this thread has argued that what I said about Fabregas, no - let's call him Cesc, is actually untrue.
      SO, WHERE IS YOUR REASONED ARGUEMENT? Presumably you don't have one.

      And why do you think I'm French? Or when you say 'Le Prat' are you referring to Wenger, no - let's call him 'Best Manager of the Last Decade'.

    • What's loose lex ?

    • P1ss off, Le Prat.

      No one gives a damn about your inane drivel.

      Whichever fake id you choose to hide behind, you'll always be a cunt.... serial fake id merchant Le Prat.

    • I'm not denying that many, many, players from many, many, teams also behave appallingly, but that list includes Fabregas - no, let's call him Cesc. He is currently one of the worst offenders.
      The fact that Wenger is trying to pretend he isn't is very touching, but make him look a total idiot, too.

    • Worry about your own team why don't you - especially that Rooney bloke who swears continuously and gets away with it - no accusations made by other managers on that front - just pick on arsenal - no silverware for six years - thought your team went a decade or two without trophies but I expect you are in denial yourself....but as you seem to know it all tell us exactly what happened or stay off our Board....

    • Whoa there A-hole. Firstly, arsenal kick the crap out of teams just like anyone else, ie, lets kick shyte out of arteta who was taking the piss out of some very average arsenal players.

      secondly, like you say, if there was any action to be taken, it was between the officials to do so. Erm...........just like the saha goal you mean ? Nothing to do with 60 thousend biased (and rightly so) gunners fans ? As for moyes being a clown......yeah. I think you made a arse out of yourself there.

      Talking about making an ass of yourself, there is nobody, absolutely NOBODY, who does it better than wenger. The blokes an utter gobshyte. He said fabregas didnt speak to the ref ? but fabregas admits he did? someones lying, and we all know its wenger.

      to be honest, I'm just surprised he didnt say, "I didn't see it". as usual.

      ps. got to be one of the most stupid posts I've ever seen on these boards. tosser.

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      • Maybe clown is a bit harsh for Moyes Duncan. He is however an abject managerial failure who, in 9 years at the club, has never taken them close to a trophy and who has mainly been battling against relegation save for a season here and there. I suppose the only glory he's had was taking Everton into 4th place but even then he screwed it up by not even qualifying for the group stages. Very poor return for a once big club IMO.
        Contrast this with Wenger winning 7 trophies over the same period that Moyes has been there and it's obvious who is the more accomplished manager. Especially when you consider both managers have exactly the same budget to work with.
        I see the Jocko twat is still complaining. The ref hasn't reported it so it's obvious his moaning about Cesc did not happen. He should let it go and concentrate on keeping his team up.

      • i would actually accept moyes view more than wengers as we know wenger only hears or sees things when its against you, and cesc does have previous, pizza springs to mind, and if he is throwing his toys out the pram and arguing about decisions it can only be good for us as he is liable to be sent off 1 day, and it also tells you the pressure is getting to him.
        would have been so funny had he got a ban for this as would have most likely missed the cc final........your 1st in years
        well done to moyes for making it public and then proving the fa cover it all up when its there beloved gooners, but we have known it for years, mason was obviously muzzled.
        when is penalty number 15 coming i wonder,
        hehe, still 2nd despite 14 of them to our 3.

    • I think Arseblogger has said it best:

      "Honestly, have you ever read such a load of old bollocks in all your life? So, a player, upset at a ridiculous goal and a performance from the referee that had every Arsenal fan questioning the ability, parentage and incorruptibility of Lee Mason, expresses those sentiments out loud. Is this really what David Moyes couldn’t bring himself to repeat in the TV interview afterwards? Really? Is this what Everton have had to leak to the press because the referee, the man at the centre of this ‘shocking’ allegation, didn’t consider it serious enough to include in his match report?

      I am disappointed, I have to say. You know me, I like a good swear, and I had come to the conclusion that Cesc had found a combination of filthy language that had shocked somebody who had been in football their entire life. A tough as old boots Scotsman who has lived most of his life in dressing rooms, a place not usually filled with romantic poetry and erudite PG-rated conversation. What supreme level of obscenity had he reached?

      Instead it turns out Cesc said something aloud that I’m sure hundreds of players will shout about the referee in their respective games this weekend. From council pitches to the Grove, questioning how much the opposition are paying the ref when a contentious decision goes against you is as part and parcel of football as anything else. When you see journalists throw the word ‘bribed’ around it makes it even more stupid.

      Does anyone really think for one second that Cesc believed that the ref had taken a bung from Everton? They haven’t got the fucking money in the first place and secondly it’s 100% heat of the moment stuff. Should you say it? No, probably not, but players say worse to referees game in, game out, and get away with it. Here’s the thing, what happened on Tuesday night happened in the tunnel and far worse than that goes on in tunnels every week.

      There’s something rather unseemly about the way the English press have gone to town on Cesc over this. Some comments in the tunnel at half-time and we get this kind of coverage? Imagine if he actually did something worthy of such media saturation. Oh, maybe he might come onto the pitch again wearing the kind of jacket has HAS A HOOD! OMFG! Maybe he’ll turn down a request from 10 Huddersfield players for his shirt, or maybe, once again he’ll find himself the focus of attention simply for that heinous crime of not being English.

      The undercurrent of xenophobia from some journalists is all too apparent and speaks more to them than it does about Cesc Fabregas. Arsenal are going well, Cesc is playing well, leading the team brilliantly, and they can’t wait to stick the knife in, speculating about the manager’s reluctance to ‘discipline’ him. Boring and utterly lame. Anything that might help fuel another summer of transfer drama. Are we to assume that the next time John Terry or Wayne Rooney gets in the face of a referee and calls him a ‘fucking bastard’ or a ‘fucking cunt’, in clear view of the TV cameras, they’ll get the same treatment? I won’t hold my breath."

    • loose to blue noes thugs lol
      go way and inflitrate your own boards idiot

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