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  • Steveshepnewc Steveshepnewc Feb 8, 2011 03:36 Flag

    Diaby was extremely lucky!

    Aye Bartons reputation does precede him a bit. Sometimes, and you won't probably agree with this, it goes against him which I think is a bit unfair. He seems to be singled out at times, for even the smallest of things, by the ref, press and opposition fans. Since we got relegated he seems to have taken on a new approach to life, away from football and he seems the better player for it. I think that's the first 'questionable' decision that has gone his way.

    Newcastle's Hatem ben Arfa suffered a broken leg in a similar incident at Man City from a tackle from De Jong. Tackling and making hard but fair tackles is always hard to judge. They always look bad if the player who is tackled has his legs taken from beneath him.........but at the end of the day it's up to the ref to judge the difference between foul play and a mistimed tackle. I wouldn't want to see that aspect of the game done away with, tackling that is. It's a contact sport, played at a faster pace than it ever was played at. Thankfully the tackle didn't end in his leg been broken. So Arsenal can pick themselves up and hopefully make a decent fist of catching Manchester United.