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  • A Yahoo! User Feb 17, 2011 17:21 Flag

    jealous wind up merchants lol

    its funny to see fans of aposeing teams try and mock us this morning, yesterday we were going to get hammered by the best team in the world. We didn't and showed the world were as good as any team on our day.

    yes they played keep ball just like we do against man u, chelsea and any other team and were constantly told its not about possesion but chances created and goals scored.
    i cant remember schez having all that much to do compared to valdez. we won and we deserved to.
    this win will give us a massive confidence boost.

    just makes me smile when i see bitter, jealous opposition fans trying to take our win away for what it was. chelsea are in turmoil and man u looking old and just rideing on look,,,, the futures bright the futures arsenal.

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