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    Koscielny and Szezscny...

    Two wonderful players who have already proven just how great they are at their respective jobs against the likes of Barca no less.

    Have to laugh at those now saying they are 'not good enough' both in the press and elsewhere.

    Show me a player that has never dropped a huge clanger in their time!

    Hope the Arsenal crowd show them the support they so richly deserve.

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    • A 'dig' at you........ Well am sorry if that means l ever attacked you personally. My problem with some of your comments has been your "unconditional support" for arsene wenger. And you are not alone in that and l always express my doubts on aw. In this way am never personal. But l will tel you that you are not part of the group that really piss me off. At least you write intellectually, you can make a point. Some people on here make me wish l can run away to a land where less intelligent people down live. Again nothing personal...........as for koscielny wel l wish he was learning from the bench.

    • Both Djourou and Koscielny look 'potentially great' to me.

      As for 'Moses' trying to have yet another 'dig' at me (as he has ever since his name first appeared) ...PMSL!

    • ......John......."schesny must throw his body onto the ball" a ball that is clearly being kicked by kos. If schesny did what you saying l would cönsider him a very clumsy gk. As l said things were complicated by kos. There was nothing like a scramble! The incident was harmless. And EVERYBODY anticipated a kos clearance until he..,pulled his leg back. Let kos carry his own cross. I wish he can tel us why he pulled his leg. There was no chance of kicking schesny......and there was no way a good gk like shesny is going to throw himself into such.....like a boy in mud. Your sympathy with kos should not crusify schesny. 100% kos indecision. And sadly its not the first time l have seen it. If what you are saying happened there would be greater chances that is wil be a goal!!!

    • I always thought the rule was clear the ball to row z and argue about who called or didnt hear or heard the call late after
      John is right they are both to blame but i would say if the above is an unwritten rule then kos is 70% to blame for taking his foot away at the last moment and not clearing it

    • A team needs two great centre backs IMO and we only have potentially one in Vermaelen except he has not been on the team this year.

      Before Kos can be mentioned in the same vain as Adams or Keown he has to show a lot more than he has to date. Although it is impossible to say with certainty that he won't become a great back IMO it appears more likely that he won't. One thing is for certain he has not had the type of first season with AFC as Vermaelen did and if you want to improve your chances of winning than those are the type of players you should aim to add to a weak defense not a player with one season of top level football at an inferior league.

    • There must be some loss in translation as my point is quite clear.

      Koscielny has gone for the ball, and therefore must kick it.

      Szczeny has gone for the ball and must throw his body onto it.

      If both happen, Kos could kick Szcz or Szcz could land on Kos resulting in either one being injured. But at least there is no goal.

      I'm not saying that this should be the end of their chances at all. I thought I made that clear.

    • John.... Your second para is supposed to explain how both players were to blame but to me it has turn abit ugly. We say that there is no place in the world for ugly mathematics. If you mean something you should make it clear or otherwise you just wish to disagree. You have not shown how schesny played a part!! And there was no chance of injury! The ball was absolutely harmless!!

    • I wasn't surprised it was Koscielny who screwed up. He keeps screwing up here and there in games, and many times Djourou has to cover up his mistakes.

      The guy has good talent, good on the ball, great determination. But sorry, no solidity, no strength, loses way too many headers. Good team player, but not a good "DEFENDER"

    • I'm sorry but both played a part in the cock-up.

      Koscielny must kick the ball or Szczeny must smother it, regardless. Even if both happen and one gets injured. But for neither to happen is bad communication between them and this lead to the goal.

      Both are to blame, but should not necessarily be vilified for it. Both had very good games against Barcelona only recently. They don't get crap overnight.

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