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  • ANNE ANNE Mar 1, 2011 17:03 Flag

    Koscielny and Szezscny...

    Come on Moses - the howler was a complete lack of communication between both of them - what a gift - I must be the only one to think Birmingham did not win the cup - AFC gave it to them - agree with Fab must get behind the team and give them our full support on Wednesday...

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    • ANNE............l was so dissappointed l didnt want to discuss that incident but for you sake l will. You say 'lack of communication'. Do u care to clarify? To me it was all kos fault. First he decides to clear the ball which to me was the right thing to do then for whatever reason he pulls back "BIG MISTAKE" by all standards. In pull back he interferes with schesny. To me scheny has never concided a goal out of his own silly mistake kos has. Am also behind the team on wenesday and always as ever. And exact clarity and precision in my judgement always!