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    It's not racist to tell the truth about Arsenal!

    It's not racist to tell the truth about Arsenal. English players show more passion playing for English clubs (SHAME THEY DON'T SHOW IT FOR THEIR COUNTRY ALSO!!!!!).
    If Arsenal want passion and grit the kind of players who will give it them.
    Look where Chelsea get it from(Terry and Lampard),Liverpool(Gerrard and Carragher) Man U(Rooney,Scholes,etc),Arsenal(nobody).
    Arsenal players are just happy to be earnig a good wage(sat on the bench,out injured,etc). Most just see it as a transition period and dream of going on to Spain,Italy,etc.
    It's not racist it's just the truth to say that English players show more passion playing for English clubs and you can see that the foreign players at these clubs feel that passion and show it also.
    I'm sorry but nobody shows it at Arsenal,only the fans!!


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    • You all seems not to get it.! No matter how many english/britsh/scottish or wales gritty players in a team if the tactics or the balance is not there you ll lose to even a division 2 team. Arsenal has the technical, skillfull and gritty players but Arsene is clueless when it comes to tactics..Arsene plays Van Persie on his own without support. and also the team are not mobile enough. thats why Barcelona are exceptional, and why Cesc Fabregas,is our best player and the reason we suffer whenever he out injured.He finds spce to recieve a player so hes mobile Nasri is also mobile, the others hardly. Also how often do our stikers tap in the rebound in a six yard box whenever the opponent keeper blocks or punches, like the man united first goal against us. also look at birmingham 2nd goal against us in carling cup. why play arsenals most skillfull, tricky and clever player on the wing is a waste when he most effective in the middle to support the striker, i mean Samir Nasri. Messi does for Barca, Van dervart palvlychenko does for Spur, and rooney and berbatov does for Man united.So its the tactics that is asenal's problem not the nationalty of the players. So i disagree with your point.

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      • Actually I agree with the post. How many times do you see Arsenal fighting .... literally fighting to win the ball back when they lose it. And how often do you see the opponents hsving the ball and stroking it around without Arsenal harrassing them. I mean against Barca, they were literally walking and letting them play the ball the way they know best... that was why we lost. We are always too slow to the first or second ball.

        I think that was what the post is all about.

    • Many agree with you,only some don't like to admit it and would rather rant about 'racism' just like Wenger wrongly did towards Pardew in 2006.