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  • Roger E Roger E Mar 18, 2011 02:01 Flag

    Our season is over

    I've recently read that Vermaelen is now out for the rest of the season (as is Djourou, you will recall).

    I think it's nothing short of disgraceful at times, the way Wenger manages our squad.

    He had the chance to buy a central defender in the January window but refused to; in fact he could have bought one last summer but bought that muppet Squillaci instead. Now it has come back to haunt him (again), as we've only got Kos and Sqillaci for the rest of the season and that's just not good enough.

    In a similar vein Wenger could have bought a quality keeper in January, or even last summer, and now we've had to resort to scraping the barrel and bringing back Lehman.

    You could argue that injuries can't be predicted; unfortunately, with Arsenal they can - we've had more than our fair share of long term lay offs for the past six seasons, so Wenger MUST factor that in when planning the squad.

    This is getting like fu*king Groundhog Day, and I'm getting sick and tired of it.

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