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  • Fred E Fred E Mar 25, 2011 16:10 Flag

    Are we being unfair to Wenger?

    On the specific point of him not signing players we apparently need


    It is not his style to say it publicly but appears he does try behind the scene to sign players he has identified for the position and of goes to plan B only when this fails. We know he did try to sign Alonso but that deal was dependent on Liverpool getting Barry which did not happen in the end
    He brought Toure to Arsenal but could not secure a work permit for the Ivorien
    Cech had the same work permit issues when Wenger tried to sign him
    We know he was in the process of signing Ronaldo when Fergie's Portuguese influence helped him hijack the deal
    He tried to get Jagielka we know
    And there are manymany more we don't know, I am sure. I know many go on about cahill et al but the guy is not better than any defender we have yet attracts a world class fee

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    • "Deal done but not yet in the public domain for obvious reasons"

      - so you know about it. How?
      - this is a pubic forum
      - ergo; you're talking bollocks

    • Fred I understand your consideration but in the end football has to be related to results so who ever he tried to sign we can only go by who he DID sign.

      Squil is not as good as Cahill in my book.

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      • You think so. Cahill occupies the same role in the national team that Squilacci does. He plays for a much smaller club so the level of scrutiny is different. Trust me, if he was that good he'd be playing for one of the big clubs. Even Harry who usually hovers everything has not gone for him. That is even more telling when you consider the fact he is English. He is, my friend, very much overrated. Not by managers but by pundits

    • Well he doesn't seem to try hard enough, does he.

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      • When Arsenal were making the Emirates move possible and servicing the initial high debts, it was clear to responsible Arsenal fans that money would be tight. However, since the debt has started to tumble and profits have been on the rise, the lack of strengthening of the squad has been disappointing. Where there are quality youth options I don't mind. But in CD where Bartley and Miquel were not a serious option yet or in DM where Song is the only quality option, the lack of reinforcements put Arsenal and Wenger himself at a disadvantage.

        Vlad, as for Chelsea time will tell if you buy the new generation to replace Lampard, Drogba, Anelka, Cole, Terry, Paulo, Essien, Benyoun, Malouda, Boswinga etc. If you do, you want be playing in the Champions League for a while under the new financial rules.

    • Maybe we are or have not been entirely fair Fred, but then again he has been known to be a penny pincher, who has also lost out on many a transfer because he wont stump up the extra few grand to secure them.

      We will never know the actual details of what goes on behind the scenes, but the messages that come out do give us the impression that he could have done more to secure the services of some players.

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      • yes and its the last two lines of what u have said that make me really mad
        we could have hadschwartzer but oh no wenger wouldn't pay due to him being in the last yr of his contract
        I am also thinking his 30 yr rule and stubbon ness are not a ghood aid to the team as he is far to stubbon to admit diarby and denilson are not good enough to name 2

      • But what if he is given a budget which he is obliged to use wisely and that includes improving the contracts of those players already at the club
        Then again, these comments re penny-pinching are usually propagated by those who know little or nothing about the facts but insist on stating their opinions as facts. Most of the half-baked pundits fall into that category