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  • ANNE ANNE Apr 14, 2011 15:13 Flag

    Rooney explains swearing mistake!!!???

    Yes it has been brought up again a week later cos thats how long it took Rooney to explain his nasty actions.......got it....

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    • Its no good Anne. Anal eric is vacant from the neck up, and the prune I would have thought should know better than to sqeal 'it's because it's Man Utd' The mentality of that beggars belief Anne. But then you can expect that from a couple of 'french' cloth caps off the northern board - that has posts that are so hill billy and charged with nothing but themselves, that they find themselves forced to come onto our board to get away for the sheer boredom of Manchester.Take anal ianrobertH(for god knows what) for example. His fav.is to copy something someone has posted(because he cant think of anything himself) repeat it back and add something that he thinks is intelligent.Ias you. Is there one born every minute?