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  • Le Professeur Le Professeur Apr 18, 2011 02:56 Flag

    Squeaky Bum Time....UNITED Feeling the Pressure??!

    I expected that clap trap from plonkers like Andy Pandy and Dodge, but Wilshere?

    Clearly not the sharpest tool...but a tool nonetheless!

    On to the FACTS...

    Before your big chance to end your humiliating trophy drought against Birmingham, you'd won 9 out of your previous 11 games, undefeated throughout, even beat Barca!

    Then you capitulated, as I said you would, when the trophy was within your grasp...and since then?

    Forget how your 'kids' thrashed Orient in a meaningless (to you) cup tie, your first team have won ONCE in the past 7 games!!!

    You couldn't beat Blackburn, Sunderland or an injury ravaged, and inexperienced Liverpool...at HOME!!!

    You couldn't muster even a SHOT against Barca, in whats been labelled 'the most inept and embarrassing display by ANY side in a European cup quarter final'!

    I dont need to mention our easy win over you during this period, they're pretty standard these days. Whats it now, one win in 11 against us?!


    Spurs away next, and still us to come to our favourite hunting ground, with the form Rooney is in, those CLOWNS you've got in defence will be praying they're on the treatment table for that one!

    The facts are there for all to see, you CANT HANDLE PRESSURE.

    Every interview with one of your players exposes the insecurity they all feel, hence all the proclamations of 'growing into men', and being 'tough guys now'....

    ....and thats coming from Nasri and Walcott!? I mean you couldn't have picked two bigger FANNIES could you!!

    The Spurs and Newcastle come backs....this season we've seen what you're all about, so the best advice a complete WINNER like me can give you, is to grow a pair and accept the fact that you're side is officially the biggest bunch of WIMPS in the league now....Wengers masterpiece is COMPLETE!!!

    Le Professeur = Predicted your sad demise SIX YEARS AGO - FACT!!!

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    • With nothing else to say except your own constant shite blowing out of your arse Prune, I suppose we have to put up with your 'clap track' on here such as

      "The facts are there for all to see, you CANT HANDLE PRESSURE."

      Judging by Man.Utd's last couple of performances, and I use the word advisedly, it would seem that they cannot 'HANDLE PRESSURE' either.
      Or is that just reserved for Arsenal and nobody else in your biased view Prune? And you couldn't even knock one in against a half baked Newcastle side with a balding over weight loud mouth prick like Rooney playing. Or is that clap track too? Its no wonder you're called a prune on your own board as well.

    • Prune face - got nothing to say about your own team losing yesterday then.....fool - go fishing with Eric