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  • PhantomKnight PhantomKnight Apr 19, 2011 15:51 Flag

    2 most missed players this year

    Thierry Henry and Gallas

    Thierry would have given us the balance going forward and i'm sure defenders would still have problems with him.

    How we've missed Gallas this season. I guess the only reason he went away is because of the problem he has with Nasri. Even here Wenger hasn't been strong enough to sort this out.

    How our season would have been different with those 2 in the squad this season.

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    • Why not Messi and Pique! Or Ronaldo and Carvalho! If one let's the imagination take flight it can be any ex or current World Class player(or ex Arsenal player)!

      What our team lacked this season was a set of balls! When the going got tough or the tough got going (read as good sides), we usually lost the plot and our nerves (usually in the reverse order) This team is capable of winning trophies. If they have the right mentality.

      So the question comes down to, what the f*ck is stopping them from doing that. And the answer at the moment is pretty simple, they have been bred on all talk and no action. Talk big before a match and then search for someone to blame after it!

      No one has accepted after a defeat, we scr*wed up. It is always the referee, the pitch, the unfair untalented teams, never the team Arsenal which fails! If you do no wrong how can you improve!

      As long as the team doesn't change their mindset, it will falter at the last hurdle. How many times this season have we blown away leads to lose or draw a match which we had no business letting slip? Count those point and we would be leading MU comfortably! And then count the points when MU drew or won matches where they seemed on the edge of defeat. Get the picture?

      Two players won't change our fortunes, as long as the rest of the players don't get their attitudes and mentality right. We need a wholesale change in the squad and players wanting to play for Arsenal and with the right attitude should be retained. Mourinho with our team would win us a lot. But we want to play pretty and qualify for the CL that's the clear goal at the start of every season. So why act disappointed when we are on the cusp of achieving this target! We should be used to this by now!! And as Wenger said second is not a bad result. Oops, forgot we aren't second anymore!!

    • Ashley Cole, Nicolas Anelka.


    • The two players you missed this season:
      Thomas Vermaelen (spelling?)
      And Shay Given.

      I know the second isnt your player. But you were linked with him in the Summer, and it was apparent then that City were going to go with Hart. If not the Summer, then I am sure City would have sold him to you in January.

      Although you seem to lack decent strikers at times, you always look like pulling a goal out from somewhere, if only you had a reliable defence/keeper you would be stronger upfield for it. And lets face it, your midfield at fulls strength is enviable. I dont like to admit it, but you have far superior quality compared to some of the sh1t in the middle of my teams park (United of course!).

    • How amazing!

      Thierry is an old man. A bit like saying England missed Lineker in South Africa

      Gallas? Now all the years he was there what was our defence like? He is a small defender who disadvantaged us for years. He also struggled to finish a whole season. Would you play him ahead of Djourou today? I suppose absence makes the heart grow fonder

      Please watch Gallas vs Essien and a few other physical guys. Today we scored 2 goals through him. Spurs were the home team, remember. Unbelievable! You are blinded by your prejudice against Arsenal

    • Hahahaha your kidding about Gallas right?? I thought that was the best thing to happen to the club since Adebayor left

    • Thierry Henry would have solved nothing for us this season. If your talking about a Thierry Henry with 2003 to 2006 form then yes, that would have been nice but its no different from saying we have missed Dennis Bergkamp or Tony Adams.

      Robin Van Persie has scored the most goals he has ever scored for us in the league this season and its only 13. I think thats only the third time has even reached double figures in the league for 7 years.

      What we have missed is a consistent injury free striker, a midfielder who can boss a game, 2 consistent defenders and a consistently reliable goalkeeper.

      Adebayor is the closest we have come to replacing Henrys goals but other than that Wenger has done little to nothing to address this issue as well as many other issues that hold out squad back.