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  • I have now seen people state these different facts, all believing them to be true:-

    1. Arsene Wenger desn't spend big bucks buying players.

    2. Arsene Wenger doesn't have big bucks to spend on players.

    3. Arsene Wenger has big bucks to buy players, but they are all too expensive.

    Well, there is a final statement, which is definately true:

    Arsene Wenger has spent big bucks on a few players, but they have rarely worked out. Since The Emirates has been built, spending has got more limited, even though we are told each and every transfer season, that he has money to spend. The simple truth is, Arsene Wenger cannot buy big name players, as he lacks the ability to negotiate a good deal, when a good deal in his mind is a promising 15yr old, who he can buy for under £1m.

    We were told he went in for a few goal keepers, and defenders last summer....but he failed to land one of them.

    We must face to one true fact that Arsene Wenger, without David Dien is limiting the success the club can have.

    When DD left, AW said he would find a replacement as soon as he could, but this has now dragged on for year after year.

    Sure AW has bought a few big names in, but how good have they been? Mixed is the right answer.
    Some are OK, but others aren't.

    Get shot of AW, or bring back DD.

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    • I think you'll find that Dein has been replaced and that it is not down to Wenger to 'negotiate' the financial side of transfers.

      I will add that David Dein did not want Arsenal to move to Ashburton Grove. We would still be playing at Highbury if he had had his way!

      I think Mr Dein is viewed through rose tinted glasses at times.

      I liked Dein too by the way (He shook my hand once....oooer!). I just don't believe his influence was as great and positive as some make it out to be.