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  • Sorry to bring this to an Arsenal forum, but I needed a non biased opinion. I am a United fan and my friend a Liverpool fan, so as you can imagine, there are a few disagreements.

    We are currently having a BIG debate about who is the better footballer. I honestly think that Suarez is a top player but that Rooney could well be in the top 10 in the world. I just want a few opinions from football fans other than united and liverpool as to who is better.

    Could you give reasons as well please as to why u think said player is better?


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    • "Or is your crazed paranoia now forcing you to label me a fake United fan?

      PS. Did you know Slayer actually makes more football related posts than you these days? Ironic how, in attempting to rid the boards of him, you have become everything you used to loathe." Hahahahaha. Can you show me one post from slayer , on the United board ralated to football . Unless you mean his "United cheats" posts? I have never accused you of being a fake fan, but who knows. ?

    • As a striker Rooney is better but Suarez is an amazing player and his skill defies the premier league

    • At the present moment it is Rooney by a country mile. He has proved himself at all levels of the game. He has been a key player for MU and even though he has a miserable WC and this season he hasn't been at his best, he still one of the best English players of his generations.

      Actually Rooney and Suarez are pretty similar players, but Rooney has that extra grit and class (just talking about footbal here!) which imho make him a better footballer than Suarez. But Suarez has the talent to usurp Rooney in the coming years, whether he will depends on how well Liverpool fare.

    • Both top players and wish we had them both playing for Arsenal.

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      • I personally dont agree that Rooneys among the top 10 in the world. Hes not particularly consistent as far as im aware, and doesnt really do too much in games ive seen. Hes just overhyped because hes english

        Suarez however gets well involved, has quick feet and is pretty good in the air for his size. Hes not afraid to go on runs and take on difficult oppurtunities. His visions pretty good aswell.
        But thats just from watching 2 games with Ajax, a few at the World Cup and 4 with pool.

        So he too could be inconsistent, but i prefer Suarez.