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  • Ahmad K Ahmad K May 11, 2011 23:27 Flag


    Both top players and wish we had them both playing for Arsenal.

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    • I personally dont agree that Rooneys among the top 10 in the world. Hes not particularly consistent as far as im aware, and doesnt really do too much in games ive seen. Hes just overhyped because hes english

      Suarez however gets well involved, has quick feet and is pretty good in the air for his size. Hes not afraid to go on runs and take on difficult oppurtunities. His visions pretty good aswell.
      But thats just from watching 2 games with Ajax, a few at the World Cup and 4 with pool.

      So he too could be inconsistent, but i prefer Suarez.

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      • Congratulations. You've just proved yourself to be a total know nothing fuckwit. Rooney has been consistently one of the best players in the country for the last 7 years. He didn't play too well at the start of this season but his form over the last couple of months has been excellent. And you seem to think he's inferior to a player that you've watched in less than 10 games and has been playing in this country for less than 4 months. If you can't say anything sensible don't say anything at all!