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  • moses moses May 15, 2011 15:54 Flag

    The future

    So even when united have been a shadow of themselves they still proved to be the best. Well l believe they just proved to be the strongest mentally. I personally dont see any bright future with aw. If it was me l would fire him immediately. He represents a stagnant state. Make no mistake l would have no problem with aw if players showed strength, desire to win. But the coach and the players lost the cutting edge ages ago. We need a change. aw must go. Aw must go. Bring in one who has got some ambition. But l know asking for aw to leave is like trying to cut a tree with a razor blade. So how about he changes his philosophies. A complete shift in priorities. Buy experience and proven players. Aaaaarrrrgh.! That too sounds impossible. Fellow gunners. At this rate please limit your expectations. We are practically in a deadlock. Let me not sound like a prophet of doom but please.. How many more years do you wanna give aw.

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    • Are u sayin Arsene Wenger has no ambition?

      so he is happy to not win things?

      i find that strange. and he represents a stagnant state?

      define stagnant

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      • Arsenal have achieved what they aim to achieve every season...a top 4 place and progression from the group stage of the Champions League, that is plenty enough for this unambitious, going nowhere club.

      • Yes l mean aw has no ambition. And that is what stagnant means in this context. We with aw are not upto any progress. We are still celebrating his early successes. And for how long...am damned if l know. Say what you like but l know aw. I dont expect any signing this summer. Kos sqilc clichy diaby nicholas eboue and most importantly AW will still be here to define our down fall. I however have faith in most of our first eleven. But they cant do it alone.

      • OMG define stagnant!

        What a goon you are!! The poster of this thread is bang on the money with this analysis and clearly lives in the real world!

        I think its safe to say stagnant refers to year after year of winning nothing making the same mistakes and NOT learning from them and doing anything about it. Your brain cells clearly havn't woken up today have they Noony?

    • Stay positive im sure theirs some cheap french inexperienced and unproven talent that AW will look to replace Nasri and Fabregas.

      If you ask me id get AW to pen that 5 year deal asap. I love the guy hes an absolute comic genious with his same style no substance football year in year out.