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  • sat-on-our-perch sat-on-our-perch May 16, 2011 02:16 Flag

    booing in a half filled stadium

    what a bunch of glory hunting fans you have. your fianl home game, and empty seats all over, call that support.
    and booing them at the end was harsh, they gave everything up until march, and ran out of steam, it seems the supporters only want to be part of you when you win,
    and now you could end up playing in july to qualify for the cl proper..............and you ran out of steam this season so does not bode well.

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    • Lynden I think you are a bit harsh on the fans. Running out of steam in March? Are you joking? Look at the minutes played by our players and compare to the other top teams and you'll see there is no reason for them to run out of steam. RvP played half a season, Ramsey just back, Gibbs hardly played, Chamakh and Bendtner didn't play a lot either, Squil?, Vermaelen? This team had no excuse not to give 110% and it is this the fans booed.

      No one would blame them if they went down fighting but the last few games they didn't and it wasn't because they ran out of stream, it was because they ran out of character. They simply could not handle their own failures as if some one was supposed to hand them a trophy. They didn’t deserve a trophy, they didn’t earn a trophy, they didn’t win a trophy. And they act all let down. What about the fans? Are they not allowed at a minimum some effort? No? Well they are allowed to pay more next season. I’ll tell you what, they’ll pay more and get less, because this team won’t end in the top 4 next season.

      Don’t blame the fans, they are not booing for losing, they are booing for net getting the best from the players, the managers and the club.

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      • I'm totally with you on this mar....I wouldn't have minded the team losing...but U cud see there was just no heart in the performance ...they seemed especially in the 1st half to just be going through the motions waiting for the season to end....

        What did Bent have to do to before we went down 2-0 absolutely nothing...its was 2 CB suppose to be marking a lone striker and on 2 occassions within 15mins no one was within 6yards of him. Basic defending you wouldn't expect from a pub team!!

        AFC is the only club I know that will finish 4th in a 2 horse race.

        I have stopped listenning to anything AW says his press conferences or post match interviews its always the same dross!!

        I wonder if the players have stopped too!

    • In Arsene we trust,unlike others.

    • Frying tonight,bites all round.

    • My, we are busy this morning Mr Maggot,Buster,Ian,Eric all active together the three amigos,tell me do you have their names on each computer just so you can remember as you dash around to post?

    • It's ok martlets, you're too fat to get in through an open window. Now, back to the Chelsea hole with you.

    • man utd fans don't have any right to call anyone glory supporters end of.you know nothing of our hurt pain and suffering.considering you have won fuck everything for the last 20 years to say how you would feel in our situation is hypothetical

    • 2nd rate fans for a 3rd or possibly 4th rate club.

      Most very amusing indeedy

      The ship has well and truly sunk and i predict a mountain of 5hit for any manager who can pick up the pieces as this teams back door has literally fallen out since cup final!

      Just shows what happens when you try and bore teams to death with passing with no end result! Pretty backpassed triangles never did win Trophies!

      Fabregas and Nasri will be gone before june if they are lucky enough to get out!