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    • A question that comes to mind is to what extent player sale is part of our business model. If we have too many experienced players, then our potential of windfall gain from player sale is considerably diminished. When we look at spme of the dross we have I wonder about the validity of the argument I just put forward.

    • I hear rumours of there being 8 in and 8 out this summer.

      The sad thing is, it is more likely to be £8m in from one player and £8m spent, spread across half a dozen. Any surplus to this will be spent trying to keep the good ones we have....watch our wage bill bloat!

      Arsene is no good in the transfer market. We must admit that.

    • They have playing time, they don't have the experience of winning. They have the experience of trousering huge amounts of cash regardless of performance.

      Same things were said about fighting for fourth place last year, in the end fourth will be prize we get for a great season up the the Carling final and a total capitulation from then on. We didn't have enough quality strength in depth to finish the job. Diaby, Denilson, Squillacci, Djourou (Stoke for god sake!), Bendtner and Almunia etc etc are not of the required standard. Arshavin showed great promise when he arrived but has failed to deliver, Theo, arguably not playing in his natural position, is not consistent at all and goes missing for games on end. Nasri peaked and faded, not sure that Cesc has really been there at all (and sadly will never play for us again IMO). Sagna, RVP, Jack, maybe Song OK - I can't think of one other player who's had a good season. Will Ramsey and TV develop as once hoped, Sczesny, Gibbs?,

      There's a basis to build on, a team that looked in such a good position in Feb can't be a million miles away. There's plenty of opinion on who should come and who should go. I think there's concensus that the 'masterplan' is not working. I would agree with Peers Morgan that we let too much experience go too soon because of the crazy over 30's policy. There's no guarantee that £100m spent this summer will cure the problem. That's football.

    • Perhaps some of our more experienced players did leave too early but we can't keep citing that as an excuse.

      Our team actually has a lot of experience, for the most part they are seasoned players..
      Song, Fabregas, RVP, Clichy, Sagna, Almunia, even Walcott,Nasri and Bendtner have plenty of playing time under their belt.

      The squad has to look within themselves for reasons of failure. This squad, despite it's flaws should have won the Premiership this year, without having any other players brought in, but time after time they capitulated under the merest hint of pressure.

      Complacency, lack of fight, passion, call it what you will but it is running through our team.. for me that must stem from the manager. A change at the top would probably be more useful than the addition of 3 players to this squad.

    • Mar

      I think this is all we will be fighting for next season. I hope that we do not fall out of it because if we do, then a downward spiral to mediocrity beckons. I hope that Wenger gets rid of all the dross and those who do not want to be here and rebuilds the team based on pace, power and technique. Even if we do not hit the ground running next season, there will be more hope going forward.

    • thank you Martin. good link .

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      • His name is Marintii....

        Marintii, thanks for the link. As much as I personally dislike Piers Morgan, you can't argue with his passion for the club.

        The comments he makes about the invincibles being despatched before their sell-by-date has been mentioned a number of times. The truth is, he would have had to accept the fact that the team was going to get slower and slower if he had kept them. I don't think he wanted that.

        Power/Speed/Technique/Skill are the attributes the team of 2003/04 had in bucketloads.

        Speed/Skill are what the current team have in dribs and drabs.

        No power. No technique. No tactical advantage.