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  • Timi O Timi O May 23, 2011 21:00 Flag


    What is he supposed to say? The inferiority of AW and AFC was so glaring this season (and actually all 3 seasons before this one), that he has no choice but to concede the greatness of Man U and SAF. You make it sound like he had a choice, like he could be pompous if he wanted to.

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    • Not sure I'd trust Arsene's predictions too much these days.

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      • Oh I see. In the past you couldnt get enough of him or his team. Now you have lost faith and go yellow belly up on him because things dont go our way.A brilliant man doesn't suddenly become a poor coach.look at the case of SAF if you need an example. We were having him and his team on toast every week for more than 6 years. Or have you forgotten that like a lot of the fair weather supporters on this board.
        Yes Ive spilled my guts in anger on here more than enough times about my team, but I'd still go outside to defend them.
        With a avatar name like you've given yourself I'd suggest you change.If as suspect your not old enough to have stood on the N.Bank and seen him play.Now jog on son.N7Forever