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  • VictorS VictorS May 25, 2011 07:21 Flag

    Aguero Hands in Transfer Request

    I guarantee you...
    Not even on wenger radar...

    Arsene has trouble winning trophies, so he needs another scheme to seem like a great manager.....he revels in finding unknowns....the more obscure the player the better just so on the off chances they pan out....like a T.V he can have that smug air of what did you expect? But if they don't pan out like a squillaci...then the experiment becomes painful for all fans

    Clichy wants out....left backs Of quality are hard to find....we need proven veterans with international pedigrees to be signed...not unknowns from lorient.....signing a couple of unknowns will not cut it this summer, doing so is akin to putting a band aid on a cancer patient....

    How is that adebayor money that we stuffed into the mattresses doing? How much purchasing power has been decayed due to inflation?

    How many more wins would the fulham keeper have granted us if we squeezed out that extra million pounds for him?

    Probably would have won the league, the cc and who knows what else...what would that have done to the goodwill of arsenal football club? Probably would have made us worth a little bit more in the eyes of other players and on the balance sheets.....but hey the board and wenger are the geniuses pmsl

    How long does a company last, when they don't reinvest in research and development?