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  • Timi O Timi O May 25, 2011 18:09 Flag

    Wenger Has To Go Sometime...

    I read a very interesting line a few days ago here, and it went something like 'Wenger has to go sometime, and then what?'

    It was a sort of response to the AKB squad. We may act like it is heresy for Arsene to go (because of all he has done and all that), but he will have to go sometime, and then what? Is Arsenal automatically doomed without him, cuz it sounds like thats what a lot are suggesting. Arsene Wenger has made a habit of making counter-intuitive choices over the past 6 (or maybe even 7, he didnt lose his senses and touch overnight) months, and has been shooting himself in the foot when he has been in great positions. Should that be tolerated in a club like Arsenal. Defensive, Goalkeeping, Experience, and Leadership frailties have plagued us for the last 6 seasons, yet he keeps losing our best players and refusing to replace them, season after season. Yet, ticket prices keep going up. is this truly excuseable behaviour?

    No matter how terrible Arsenal was (even though we werent actually that terrible, performance-wise not entertainment-wise) before Wenger, we cannot (as an ambitious club) use that as a reason to tolerate lingering in retardation. You know what they say, 'if you arent going forward, you're going backward.'

    Being close this season means nothing, we've been close before, and then far again the next season, and then close again, and then far again. We are yoyoing, as is the case with anything, but it is certainly not evidence we are getting better. Wenger is getting worse in my opinion, and Arsenal needs to nut-up and make a decision and a declaration to the fans - are we a club who WANTS to win trophies, or are we a club who simply wants to stay solvent and not take any risk? If trophies is the answer, then I think Wenger must be off now, surely... risk -taking is a part of success, Wenger has grown afraid of risk and plays it safe ALL the time now (or at least he thinks he does). His biggest risk has been Arshavin, for what? 13 - 14 mill? Yet he feels comfortable shelling out disgracefully low amounts for Kosc from the Belgian second div, who would obviously be our first choice CB (given Djourou's injury record). Refusing to pay just 500 grand more for Mark Schwarzer was just sacrilegious...

    Is this really f*****g excusable behavior? Really? Really????

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    • Being close in February counts for nothing. This season doesn't count as one, to me, where we were close. We are double digits behind 1st. Even if Chelsea had managed to beat Man U we had not done what we needed to do to be only 3 points out of first had that happened. We bottled it long before we were out of it. And we were not in a position to take atvantage of Man U dropping points late in the season because we were dropping them ourselves left and right.

      This team has no back bone!!! One painful defeat and you can write this bunch of. Typical Wenger team. Remember the tail spins we have gone in before after a painful defeat? How about when we lost to Man U to end out unbeaten run? It's a mark of a Champion to recover from a los quickly and we don't have that quality.

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      • THis is my biggest gripe with all the Wenger's teams. 2002/3, 2004/5 and now consistently we have no character. When the chips are down, we are found wanting. And the only common factor over all these years is Wenger. I am still pissed off at his body language in the build up to that fateful time during the 2003/4 season, when we could have done better. But his make or break talk had the result we know. This is why we need someone who can motivate the team better. Hence Adams as #2 instead of Rice might work.