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  • "For christ sake fabofongrass, stop feeding this monkey nuts. The $%^& thrives on them, while tossing off on our board. Now leave it out OK? Do yourself a favour or revert back to your original avatar.You know. The boy in the Arsenal kit. Suits you.And lose the bloody SAF avatar you're embarrassing."

    Oooooohhhh... when the biggest NUTTER on Yahoo is sick of my endless RUBBISH, then I know it's time to pack my bags.

    Where's FATTY Martlets to back me up when I need him? I thought you were my FWIEND, you fat b@stard?!!!!

    Fuck this - I'm off down THE METRO to nosh somebody off, you unappreciative hetrosexual SLAGS.

    Much love - I won't be back.

    Your FABBY WABBY xxx