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  • J'Ma J'Ma Jun 19, 2011 17:58 Flag

    english vs european football....

    You are likely trying to wind people up but I'll give you the benefit of the doubt. I assume from the goals scored from corners statistic that you're trying to prove that there is an over-reliance on scoring from set-pieces in the Premiership compared to the Champions League (CL), where the onus is on a passing game leading to a goal from open play? The argument doesn't hold up because there are simply too many ways to interpret that statistic. It may simply mean that delivery of corners in CL is abysmal, or that defending from set-pieces is superior in CL.

    What is apparent though is that the current Barça team are without a doubt head and shoulders above the competition right now, and may even be one of the best squads ever. However, the style they play is not indomitable. As shown during the 1st leg this season, by Jose/Inter last year, and United a couple of seasons ago, they are beatable. Even Hiddink's Chelsea nearly edged past them last year. They also lost to a relegated team this term and even dropped games to Rubin Kazan. It's just that they are very good at what they do, so to stop them, the coach has to get the tactics spot on, the players must execute them down to the last detail, and the referees must officiate a good, clean game. I have no doubt in my mind that had Real played all 4 games 11 v 11 against Barça this season, Jose may have landed more than just the Copa Del Rey. United were the best the Premiership could offer, but their showing was dire as Ferguson got his tactics horribly wrong. Carrick has no business playing in games like that and aging stars like Giggs should also be coming off the bench.

    In any case, every league has its pros and cons. The Premiership may not be the best if you look at the top half since you are right, the world's top players do play in the La Liga - Messi, Xavi, Iniesta, Ronaldo, etc. - and team's like Sevilla, Valencia, Villareal consistently beat English teams like Everton, Villa, etc. in Europe. But once you get to the second half of the table, Hercules, Malaga, etc. will consistently get their arses handed to them when playing Bolton, Stoke, etc. So to each his/her own mate; let's leave it at that.

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    • jmaa your league is substandard, end up...... the likes of stoke, bolton, etc. don't stand a CHANCE against their continental counterparts.... teams like genoa, udinese, etc. will rip them to shreds.... that is why so few english teams do well at the big stage - in europe.... you are big fish in a small substandard pond - your 'prem'... rubbish players, rubbish football, and overpriced at that....

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      • Jambo, teams like Udinese and Genoa are fighting for Champions League spots in Serie A, so you cannot compare them to clubs like Stoke, Bolton who finished a few points above the relegation zone. That would be like me telling you that teams like Liverpool, Spurs, etc. will consistently beat Cesena, Brescia, etc.; akin to comparing apples to oranges. One thing I will grant you though is that some of the leagues you mentioned are technically superior in terms of the football they play compared to the Premiership. But there are a lot of reasons for this including the fact that clubs like Real Madrid and Barcelona have B teams plying their trade in the second tier where their youth players get a chance to play together. Not quite the same as loaning out individual players to other championship clubs, a it happens in England, where the player may or may not play. And when they do, they're playing with a different set of players each season as they're loaned out to different teams. In contrast, the Barca B team players grow up playing together, continue playing together in the B team, and is it any wonder then that when they break through to the 1st team, they know exactly the club's style, philosophy, experience?