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  • Eric Cantona Eric Cantona Jul 11, 2011 10:43 Flag

    AW - Gervinho in training at London Colney

    Is this Gervinwho the new Chamakh then? After all, wasn't he supposed to add more depth to your squad?

    I sense an underwhelming feeling of boredom with this new signing. Arsenal fans just don't seem excited by this unknown.

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    • Eric, I might be more excited about this signing if we had already dealt with our needs in defense. That is what concerns me most.

      Now we not only need first team centre half but also a first team left back (Gibbs is not only not ready for that role he also appears to be too injury prone)

      With Wenger it is very possible he doesn't deal with those needs. IMO he didn't deal with them last season either. To me Squil nor Kos seriously improved our defense. It showed that neither had ever been proven in the PL league and it cost us dearly.

      Finally last year and this year we could do with a top notch keeper and again Wenger didn't and possibly won't add that component to our defense.

      So great we have a potential nice little experiment in Gervinho but what does it do is we don't fix our defense?