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  • geoj geoj Jul 12, 2011 23:39 Flag

    AW - Gervinho in training at London Colney

    FABongrass you have it on the money - I hope your optimism is not wishful thinking.
    Agree that Chamakh has to be given a bit of slack - when RVP returned from injury there wasn't really much opportunity for Chamakh in our formation - and he isn't the kind of 'impact player' who can come on and turn a game...in the manner of Andre or Theo (on their good days).
    Chamakh's touch did desert him when he was given a chance though - it seemed at times as though the ball was pinged around too quickly for him...

    I agree that we have to wait - with fingers crossed - that we do business for AT LEAST a Samba, Mertesacker or Cahill. AW bigged up Gibbs and said he'd be 'given a chance' this year - so unless he busts a leg, head or foot in the first week or two, I don't think there will be big money changing hands for Baines or Enrique.

    On the question of Kocielny - I too agree that he may get better - anyone would look like a bundle of nerves beside Squillaci, and hopefully TV's return will allow him a chance to play with some assurance (ditto Djourou).

    It would be nice to think that we might sign Gordon, but I suspect AW will bring Mannone, and have a keepers kreche at The Emirates ... and it could again prove costly in the year ahead.

    Finally - this post hasn't dealt with the press conference re. Nasri and Cesc - I thought AW was great, said it as it is, and was as clear as he always is when he does choose to speak. He hadn't previously spoken specifically about the two - but laid it out clearly when he said that 1. Nasri isn't going, and 2. Cesc's being asked to park his Barca 'dream', and stick it out 'til the job is done.

    This tells me that he stays and we don't buy in midfield, or 2. goes, and we pony up big bucks for Juan Mata.