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  • Risker Risker Jul 14, 2011 20:52 Flag

    AW thinks we're "fine" at the back...


    Oh dear god...

    This is either a lame attempt at covering the fact he has no money to spend.


    He's completely lost it!

    What is he thinking?

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    • The lunatic is in charge of the asylum.

      At least we now how to manage our expectations next season. Simply put - don't fucking have any.

      I fear Europa Cup football could be the only saving grace as he will be forced to confront his insanity then.

      Or maybe they will say it was just one season and offer him another contract extension!!!!!!

    • Not saying I agree with him because I think we clearly need a few new players at the back.

      I agree the defence is not our achilles heal though. I think its much deeper than that and I think the defence is very easy to blame.

      Our mentality suffers in games and the players dont seem to be able to stay focused for 90 minutes. I think the defence is the last resort and the easiest place to point the finger at. Our midfield was just as bad in the same situations this season.

    • This wenger guy need an ass whooping. he needs to get his head out of his ass and come to realize that we have got clowns for defenders. Apart from Vermaelen, Djourou and Co are a joke when it comes to defending. The only good thing about arsenal's defenders is vermaelen and sagan apart from that the rest are a joke. how many points and titles did Almunia cost arsenal f.c? not to mention flappy. Szczęsny and Koscielny costs us the carling cup. Wenger wake up.

    • He is delusional please god we start badly and he is gone by christmas

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      • what a bunch of hysterical idiocy.

        Y'know what lost us so much last season? From the point at which we were still in all competitions, had just beaten barca 2-1 at home, in a cup final, making a go out of catching utd in the league....a distinct lack of bottle/character and complete failure to perform in the big games at the business end of the season...and thats not just our defence, apart from RVP our whole team stopped scoring and creating chances, our midfield stopped winning the battles in the middle of the park, and our defence went awol.
        Prior to the lengthy collapse from March onwards, we were in fact still in a good position, and thats with the existing squad minus our best defender, with no ramsey, no gervinho, and having missed RVP for a large chunk of the early season, while cesc seemed to just have cameo's throughout the season and Arshavin was having his worst season....so yeah, this evidence suggests of course that we're utterly screwed and our squad is terrible doesn't it!?!?! erm, no. it doesn't.

        I agree in that I think we need an extra CB signed, but not to keep Djourou or Kos out of the side, just to keep the walking disaster that is Squillaci out of the side. On top of this, the growing calamity that has been Clichy is now gone too, and I think we'll be better off in that position, even if we just stick with gibbs.

      • Wrong Wenger - our defence is like a GIANT SIEVE...

    • Your defence was 4th best in the EPL last season. Given the goal keeping howlers you had, especially with Almunia, Whinger might be right.

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      • Who are you? What have you done to the "Eric Cantona" that was here before?

        Our defence was still shocking. Squillaci got roasted everytime he player and Koscielny just looked clueless when not with an experienced head beside him.

        Are you implying that this defence can secure us a CL spot, let alone win us the league? I'm not convinced. The only person in the back 4 who should stay in our permanent back 4 is Vermaelen.

    • Calm down calm down.

      It's mindbogglingly obvious that we're short at the back. AW says himself it was set pieces that caused the problem, in open play we defend OK. Answer - a tall strong lump who win the ball in the air and muscle the opposition, if he comes out and says that's exactly what we need then the price of any target goes up. Lets hope he's playing the game and keeping the price down. Samba would be a good buy.

      He must know that Squilaci is damaged goods and dump him, just like when he acted so squickly with Cygan, Stepanoffs (my god) and Senderos!

    • Piss off you dumb bastard. Your clueless risker and always have been on here.

    • But Fab, where is the money going? Are we still paying off the stadium? Surely not. And how come we've signed Gervinho, a player we didn't need (unless Nasri goes, which AW said he wouldn't).

      Surely we need a decent CB before Gervinho. He just seems like another half-striker, half winger like Walcott, Arshavin, Rosicky, Vela, etc...

    • Gervinho is yet another attacking option yes. I thought our attack looked stale towards the end of last season myself. Hopefully this guy will give the others a kick up the arse.

      Everyone is demanding a new CB. Why? We have Vermalean fit this season do we not??? And those CBs who staggered through their first season in the Prem playing in an ever changing defensive unit last season will hopefully be able to play in a more settled team this term anyway.

      Its easy to say...'oh they are hardly of the same quality of Adams etc..' but you have to remember Adams and co had the benefit of having played together for many seasons. You can't buy that now can you?

    • I will add though that if a new defender is brought it would hopefully give us more quality in depth. I was not impressed with Squillaci.

      I thought Kosc and Djourou played well on the whole.

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