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    Hello chaps, not been on here for a while (the usual post-season depression).

    If there's an upside to our continual end-of-season collapses, then it's the availability of tickets going up due to the thousands of season ticket holders refusing to renew.

    Yep... I've finally got a season ticket!

    I'd been on the waiting list for about 8 years, when I started something like 25,000 in the list (can't be sure of that, was a long time ago). What I can remember is that 2 years ago I was just over 12,000th on the list, so there must have been a lot of non-renewals this year.

    Especially when you consider the number of tickets available to red members for home league games has gone up from 1.5k to 3.5k - there must have been around 8,000 people who didn't renew this year.

    So I've ended up with a rather nice seat in the East Stand upper tier, right near the halfway line.

    Any season ticket holders got any tips on ticket availability? The guy at the ticket office was fairly clueless - he told me I get the first 7 cup/European games, and about the loyalty scheme for away tickets, but that was all he knew.

    Does it help me to get extra tickets for home games? Perhaps at the same time as Red availability? I'd like to be able to bring a friend to the occasional game, even if it's in some random seat. Can't seem to find much info on this on the site.

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    • Not sure. I'll ask the girlfriend... :)


    • Willl - as far as I can see on the AFC website there are tickets left for the Emirates Cup Saturday and Sunday.

      They are on General Sale - no membership required. Season Ticket holders do not always take up their option to purchase their own seat for these games so as to allow others a chance to get a ticket. (around where I sit anyway)

    • We will keep him as our friend cos he sits near us in the lower tier...he is only a 'shareholder' not a 'box owner' - apart from that we mostly give him a lift home and drop him off as we head home to 'sunny southend-on-sea' -
      Glad we won today - Gervinho looks good and hope Jenkinson injury not too bad!

    • Now they don't have to be your friend anymore!!

      I vaguely knew a box owner that I always kept in contact with - managed to go to the West Ham game on New Year's Day a few seasons back, but not had another chance since.

      It's brilliant - you get your own servant in each box! I haven't been to club level but it shares the same great bars as the boxes so I'm sure you'll have fun.

    • Yep spectacular own goal - by Jenkinson - hope he can do that at the proper end in league games.
      I am at the Emirates Cup on Sunday - got two tickets in Club Level from a shareholder friend - we wont get them again cos he has or is about to sell his only share!

    • No I had to give the red membership up.

      Which day are you going to the Emirates Cup? I wanted to go to the New York Red Bulls match to see Henry again but it sold out early this year!

      Oh well, I'll have to make do with the online player. I've just seen Jenkinson's spectacular own goal in HD, lol.

    • Easy, say you're going to see your mistress...

      ...better than a secret bike, surely?

    • Yes you are right season tickets are only offered to fans on the season ticket waiting list - I had forgotten that - but I do know of some on the waiting list who are also silver members and declined a season ticket preferring to keep to their silver membership. I only have season tickets for the Emirates and prefer to buy game by game for away matches - cos when you are an away season ticket holder you have to buy every match whether you want it or not! Yes it is a much better atmosphere at away games! By the way were you able to keep your red membership as well as having a season ticket? I am off to see the Ladies game at Borehamwood on Sunday v Lfc and then the Emirates cup next weekend!

    • :)

      But how would I explain it?


    • No one needs to know... keep a bike away from home, and go for rides in the middle of the night!

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