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  • Will R Will R Jul 22, 2011 15:18 Flag


    Cheers Mar.

    Yeah, I'm sure I'd have a different opinion if I'd been a season ticket holder for 10 years, but being my first year I'd have taken it up even if we'd have been relegated and they raised prices 50%.

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    • If I lived in the UK I would snap them up as well. All things in life come and go, as will our current decline end one day, and as will Wenger retire one day. I would keep these season tickets as long as I could afford them (for the next 20 years.)

      I get to go to a few games each season and enjoy the occasion big time.

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      • Something I love about going to football is the moment when you go through the tunnel onto the stand and see the stadium and pitch. I get a sort of atmospheric rush. This happens at Chelsea or Wembley or even when I go to see Weymouth play when I'm down there. I love being inside the stadium even before the match starts.

        I have a feeling that if I went every week this aspect of it would become less special. Familiarity would breed some contempt.

        The other thing I like is not being constrained by the focus of the TV camera as to what I watch. When you're in the stadium you notice how the teams group on a goal-kick, how a player behaves off the ball, how the team communicates, who does the most running and so on, that you don't see on TV. But of course, you miss out on the close-up of what actually happened in the replay of incidents.

        And in the stadium you get the character of the crowd, how the crowd has its own deep rumbling voice, the collective oohs and ahhs when something happens, as well as the individual wits and idiots.


      • Ah, so *those* are the days when you have nothing but kind words for Wenger?!